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How to produce strong-flavor pressed peanut oil?

September 18, 2021

Luzhou-flavor pressed peanut oil is popular with consumers because of its characteristic fragrance. Therefore, the production of strong-flavor pressed peanut oil has always been a research topic for peanut oil manufacturers and peanut oil pressing equipment manufacturers. After years of research and accumulation of experience in peanut oil production projects, the engineers of Henan Zhongxing have summarized a set of production process for strong-flavor pressed peanut oil, and can be equipped with different peanut oil pressing equipment according to different conditions of customers to help customers' strong aroma The production project of squeezed peanut oil is proceeding smoothly. Next, the engineers of Henan Zhongxing will take everyone to understand how to produce strong-flavor pressed peanut oil.

 peanut oil

Before producing strong-flavor pressed peanut oil, cleaning equipment must be used to remove impurities in the peanuts. This can maintain the purity of peanuts and improve the efficiency of peanut pressing. At the same time, it can also avoid the wear and tear of the peanut oil pressing equipment, thereby increasing the service life of the equipment.

In order to obtain strong-flavor pressed peanut oil, peanuts need to be screened and classified into three types: large, medium, and small according to the particle size. Large and small peanuts must be crushed and embryo-rolled, and then steamed and fried to make mature embryos. The processing of medium-sized peanuts is the key to the production process of strong-flavor pressed peanut oil.

 Seed frying machine

The peanuts of medium particle size that have been screened out are transported into the seed frying machine, and the stir-frying of the seed frying machine makes the peanuts have a strong fragrance. The fried peanut seeds need to be cooled by a fan, and some impurities can be removed at the same time. The cooled peanut seeds are crushed, the embryos are rolled and the cooked embryos are steamed and fried together to be transported into the oil press for squeezing. After squeezing, a strong-flavor squeezed peanut oil can be obtained.

After pressing, the fragrant pressed peanut oil has met the national standards and can be sold on the market. If you still need high-quality pressed peanut oil, you can further freeze and filter the pressed peanut oil.

 Filter equipment

The process of freezing and filtering can remove various impurities such as phospholipids and protein in the pressed peanut oil to improve the quality of the pressed peanut oil. The operation process is as follows: firstly filter the squeezed aromatic squeezed peanut oil through a leaf filter, then pour it into a crystallization tank for crystal precipitation, and then filter it through a plate filter to obtain high-quality aromatic squeezed Peanut oil.

In the actual production process, the equipment used in each step needs to be adjusted according to the actual quality of peanuts, the daily processing volume of peanuts, and the customer's investment budget. There is no same project plan. If you also need to produce strong-flavor pressed peanut oil, you can contact Henan Zhongxing. Our engineers must first customize the project production plan according to your specific situation, and at the same time equip peanut oil pressing equipment according to your budget, all for your strong-flavor pressed peanut oil production project to proceed smoothly. You are welcome to come to consult.