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How to deal with the oil cake from the screw press

September 28, 2021

oil cake

How to deal with the oil cake squeezed by the screw press? Recently, a customer in Anhui wanted to open an oil press but had not done it before. He is different from other customers. The problem he is more concerned about is the press squeezed by the screw press. How to deal with cakes and whether they can be sold twice to reduce production costs. In fact, his idea is quite right. We want to make the most of our resources. In fact, the oil cakes squeezed from different oils can be used for different purposes. , Below we give you a brief introduction to several common oil cakes:

1. Peanut oil cake ----- can be used as animal feed. Supplement nutrients

2. Rapeseed oil cake is a kind of protein supplement source for animal feed. Rapeseed meal can be widely used as a supplementary protein for pig and cattle food, and it can also be used as food for poultry, but it is added in the feeding of egg-laying poultry. The amount cannot exceed 10%.

3. Sunflower seed oil cake ----- can be used to raise all kinds of livestock. In the diet of pigs, the amount of sunflower seed meal used can reach 20%-30% of the amount of protein feed.

In fact, not only the three oil cakes above, but the other oil cakes can also be used as animal feed, or can be sold to local people who specialize in recycling oil cakes. We can use different oil cakes to achieve the best. To use the effect, of course, the easiest and most trouble-free way is to sell it to earn money and reduce our production and investment costs. In fact, no matter what it is, it will be profitable if you make good use of it.