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Use of screw oil press and screw oil press accessories (1)

September 28, 2021

 screw oil press

The use of the oil press During the operation process, the cake output of the oil press should be checked frequently, and the moisture content of the blank material should be controlled neither too high nor too low. The normal cake should be flaky, one side is smooth by the squeezing screw, and the other side has a lot of roughness. If the cake is loose and weak, or the cake is not shaped, and the color is darker, it will be broken into pieces with a hand, which means that the blank has too little water; if the cake is soft and becomes large, or the oily foam increases, It means that too much water has been added. Under normal circumstances, there is no or little slag between the round rows, and the slag is discharged at the strip. If the slag is flakes, it means that there is more water, and if the slag is out, it means that the water is less. In addition, the change of the oil outlet position can be used to see whether the input squeezed water is appropriate. When the input squeezed water is too high or too low, the oil output position moves backward.


      After the oil press is operating normally, the oil output from the oil with high oil content is mostly concentrated in the row and the front group of round rows. The oil output at the row position accounts for about 60% of the total oil output, and the round row area at the front group accounts for about 30%; while the oil output at the end is very small, dripping and not forming a line, and the oil color is very clear. Repeated squeezing two or three times can squeeze out the oil of rapeseed or soybean. During this period, the oily residue with more oil can be evenly mixed into the embryo and squeezed. The cutting should be kept evenly, and avoid fluctuations. Otherwise it will affect the life and oil yield of the oil press.


      Before using the oil press, you should first prepare all auxiliary appliances and containers, check and adjust the tightness of the transmission belt. Then turn on the motor, let the machine run idly for about 15 minutes, and check the speed of the screw shaft. The general speed should be around 33dmin. When idling, pay attention to the meshing of the gears in the gearbox and whether the sound is normal, and whether the bearing parts and the motor are normal. When the oil press is idling, the motor current should be about 3A. If the current is too high, stop and check immediately, and then start the machine after adjustment.