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How to grasp the good timing of the edible oil processing project

September 01, 2021

Processing edible oil is currently a very popular project. Oil and fat processing plants and oil workshops have been established on a whim. Thanks to the huge edible oil market demand, it is a very good time to invest in the edible oil processing industry. The premise is Choose the right processed oil, the right processing method, the right processed oil equipment, and the right oil equipment for cooperation. To facilitate user investment, Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery has made the following simple analysis.


Edible oil processing plant


1. Which edible oil is more profitable to process at present?

Soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil and other fats for mass consumption have a relatively large market demand, but most of them are monopolized by some oil brands. Unless sufficient funds are available, the market gap may be opened. And some small-type oils, such as grapes Seed oil, peony seed oil, perilla seed oil, etc., the market gap is very large, and small-scale investment can be easily developed, high nutritional value, high market sales price, user profit margins, you might as well start from these oils.

2. Which oil processing method is more suitable for users?

The user processing edible oil can be divided into large and small scales, which can be distinguished from the output. For small-scale production below 10T per day, you can start with oil presses and small oil plants. Oil presses and small oil plants have low investment and quick return on profits. , Suitable for most users' early investment, mainly for oil extraction. For projects with a processing capacity of dozens of tons, even hundreds of tons, or thousands of tons, large-scale oil and fat processing plants can be built, focusing on leaching and refining oil.


Refining equipment


3. How to choose suitable oil processing equipment?

The equipment used in the oil press and the oil plant is different. Taking oil press as an example, the main equipment used is an oil press, and oil refining equipment that meets the standard can be purchased. The large-scale oil processing plant adopts the extraction and refining production line, and the main equipment includes pretreatment and pressing equipment, oil extraction equipment, oil refining equipment and other related supporting equipment. The purchase of these equipment should emphasize quality, service, and price, shop around and choose the best.

4. Which brand of grease machinery and equipment is recommended?

There are many brands of grease equipment, but there are not a few strong ones. Henan Zhongxing is one of them. The brand is strong, the equipment is guaranteed, and the quality is low, and it has a high purchase value. It is a good purchase object for users. Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery recommends that users purchase oil equipment, do as much inspection and comparison as possible, and take the actual situation as the standard to comprehensively select more suitable equipment.

For processing edible oil and purchasing oil machinery, Henan Zhongxing Oil Engineering Equipment Manufacturer is a good choice. Henan Zhongxing manufactures various complete sets of vegetable oil refining equipment, leaching equipment, animal oil refining equipment, and oil plant production line equipment. Users are welcome to come to Zhongxing manufacturers for on-site inspection and purchase, please feel free to contact us!