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Tea seed oil processing equipment

September 01, 2021

Tea seed oil is a new healthy and nutritious oil. At present, the development and utilization rate of tea seed oil is not high, and the development pressure of the oil industry is relatively high. The full development of tea seed oil is a good breakthrough, which can greatly alleviate the development of edible oil. Pressure, this is also the key reason why the tea seed oil industry has flourished in recent years. Other bulk edible oils are under great competition, and users can seek breakthroughs from tea seed oil processing.


Tea seed oil


Tea seed oil is produced from tea seed kernels, which need to be peeled off before the kernel can be processed normally. The oil content of tea seed kernels is moderate and can be squeezed or leached. The advantage of squeezed oil lies in its quality, which is higher than that of leaching. Oil is mainly nutrient retention. The advantage of leaching oil is that it has large processing capacity and high oil yield, which is suitable for large-scale processing. The disadvantage is that the quality is not good and the oil is good, and the user selects and processes accordingly.

The processing of tea seed oil can be either squeezed or leached, depending on the output. However, the user should realize that the refined oil cannot be processed by the squeezing or leaching process alone. It is only crude oil, which is of low quality. The refining process of tea seed oil refining equipment is still needed to complete the upgrade of the tea seed oil grade standard. This involves the purchase of refined oil equipment for users and should be treated with caution.

Refined tea seed oil can not only improve the grade standard of tea seed oil, but also open up the market for users. Using refined oil equipment produced by Zhongxing manufacturers, it is necessary to produce tea seed oil up to the first standard. It can also be based on the needs of users’ target customers. Processing the corresponding grades can be sold to all corners of the market. The refinery equipment of this plant has high refining work efficiency and one machine with multiple functions. It is a powerful assistant for users to refine refined oil.


refinery equipment


For tea seed oil refining, it is recommended that Zhongxing Grease Machinery rely on not only the powerful performance level of the equipment, but also the high-quality and low-cost equipment of Zhongxing manufacturers, which can solve problems for users in a targeted manner, and put forward reasonable opinions and suggestions. The user seeks welfare and guarantees the profit of the user's tea seed oil processing project. Why not do such a good thing?

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