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Large-scale complete set of equipment for oil press

September 01, 2021

Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. It is everyone's responsibility to guard the green waters and green mountains. The same is true for the development of various industries. Follow the natural law of development. While profiting, try not to damage the environment and focus on prevention. Don't wait until the environment is polluted and then go back and treat it. That will not pay for the gains. The same is true for the edible oil processing industry. It is a wise choice for investors to make environmentally friendly processed edible oil.


Oil press equipment


There are two specific forms of edible oil processing, one is to open an oil mill, and the other is to build an oil plant. The specific choice depends on the actual needs of users. Here, Zhongxing Oil & Fat Machinery Factory gives some suggestions to some investors who are just entering the industry. For user investment reference.

Let's first look at how the oil mill is opened and the business is booming. I believe that many users know that oil mills are not suitable for processing all oils, because they only produce crude oil. Some crude oils are edible, but most of the crude edible oils are not of high edible value, but why do ordinary people? Or are you willing to go to the oil mill to process edible oil? Many reasons are because consumers are not clear about the concepts of crude oil and national standard oil. There is a demand and there will be a market. This is the root cause of the popularity of oil mills.

Of course, if the oil press is equipped with oil presses and oil refining equipment, the oil produced in this way can be called healthy refined oil. If users want to make an environmentally friendly processing industry, the first choice is an environmentally friendly oil press. According to investigations by Zhongxing oil press manufacturers, the 6YL series of cold and hot dual-purpose screw oil presses that are currently used more frequently in oil mills have low noise, high efficiency, and no impact on the environment. Through effective refining, healthy nutritious oil can be produced.


6YL series of cold and hot dual-purpose screw oil presses


Let’s take a look at how oil plants are environmentally friendly and open oil plants. The domestic requirements are very high, especially for leaching oil plants, which have strict requirements to ensure that the impact on the environment is reduced to a lower level. The production of qualified national standard oil is inseparable from the good performance of better-performing oil equipment, squeezing refining production line or leaching refining production line.

To build an oil plant to ensure environmental protection, you must first have a competent grease equipment manufacturer to assist you. Zhongxing's grease equipment manufacturer has been engaged in the industry for nearly 20 years, has rich experience, guaranteed production quality, and is highly responsible for users to ensure that user projects pass the environmental assessment. The test can produce more green and healthy oil.

Invest in environmentally friendly oil processing projects and choose Zhongxing oil press brand. Of course, more users choose better quality. Please feel free to contact us for more relevant information.