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Peanut oil squeezing and refining equipment

September 01, 2021

Peanuts in North China are very famous. For example, peanuts in Shandong, Henan and other places are widely planted in China and have a large total output. They are very suitable for processing peanut oil. Some peanut oil brands such as Shandong Luhua and Henan Aichu are also very popular with consumers. Many well-known edible oil brands, such as Fulinmen and Arowana, have also invested in the construction of oil plants in Shandong and Henan, purchasing local peanut raw materials, and processing peanut oil, which are also very important components.


Peanut oil


Therefore, the construction of peanut oil processing plants in areas with abundant raw materials is indeed a very suitable oil project. Here, taking 5-10 tons of peanut oil per day as an example, Zhongxing's oil equipment manufacturer gives the following suggestions.

For peanut oil processing, the first thing many users think of is to make pressed peanut oil. This is true. Pressed peanut oil occupies a large market share. Zhongxing oil equipment manufacturers also recommend users to press peanut oil. The pressing methods are divided into cold pressing and hot pressing. In terms of market sales, flavor and investment value, there are more users of hot-pressed peanut oil.

For hot pressing of peanut oil, the screw presses used are mostly 130 or 160 screw presses. Zhongxing two oil presses are also the most popular screw presses purchased by the majority of oil presses and small oil plants, and they are cold Heat dual-purpose, one machine for multiple purposes, high durability, longer average service life, of course, can squeeze more peanut oil, a good press can produce more oil, good oil, Zhongxing will only recommend stable performance to users Oil press.


screw oil presses


In addition to the pressing process, Zhongxing’s experts remind users that crushed crude oil contains too many impurities and does not reach the national standard oil level, and cannot be sold. Some people think that in many oil presses, unrefined crude oil can also be sold. , But the market space is very small. With the increase of people’s awareness of oil health, it is believed that the crude oil market will be further compressed. Only after the peanut oil refining equipment is used to effectively remove impurities can it be healthy and qualified edible oil.

To squeeze peanut oil, do peanut oil refining, invest in peanut oil squeezing and refining production line, look for Zhongxing oil pressing and refining complete equipment manufacturers to cooperate, the equipment is of good quality, the market is good, the service is good, the price is affordable, welcome to Zhongxing manufacturers to visit and purchase, please feel free contact us!