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Rice oil processing equipment manufacturers

September 01, 2021

Rice oil, also known as rice bran oil, is a kind of edible oil that has emerged in recent years. Early rice bran oil was mostly used in industry. Since the development of edible rice bran oil, rice oil has been on the top in terms of price and nutrition. At present, it has become a strong opponent of peanut oil, soybean oil and other fats. The rice oil market is still a big cake to be developed. Rice oil is going to be popular, and it will continue to be popular.

The market price of rice bran oil is relatively high, the profit value space is large, and user investment is also a very good project. What is the reason why rice oil is so hot? What kind of equipment is used to process rice oil? Which rice bran oil processing equipment is more suitable? These are the problems that plague users, and Zhongxing's oil equipment manufacturers have solved the mysteries one by one.


Rice oil


1. Why is rice oil hot?

The reason why rice oil has become popular is not only the new type of edible oil in the market, but also adapts to the development of oils and the nutritional requirements of consumers. There are many labels for rice bran oil: rich in nutrients, balanced fatty acids, etc., which are in line with the current oil market. The demand for rice bran oil has increased as expected. Major oil processing plants, such as Arowana and Fulinmen, have increased their production and market launch of rice bran oil. Given the broad development prospects of rice bran oil, the current investment of users is a good time.

2. Which equipment is used for processing rice bran oil?

The oil content of rice bran is not high, and the leaching method for more oil yield is a suitable choice. The rice bran oil leaching equipment is the ideal equipment for rice oil processing plants, with large production capacity, low processing and operating costs, and oil yield. High, the user invests once, uses it for a long time, and makes long-term profits. For rice bran oil processing, it is recommended to take pre-expansion, and then send it to the extraction equipment for extraction. After the crude oil is extracted, it can be refined by the refining equipment to achieve healthy rice bran oil. It is refined rice bran oil.

3. Which equipment to choose for investing in rice bran oil processing?

There are many rice bran oil processing equipment manufacturers, and investment in rice bran oil processing should choose a strong manufacturer. The Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery brand has developed earlier, and the Zhongxing brand can be seen in leaching oil plants everywhere. It has strong strength, strong brand influence, and good market reputation. The equipment is sold at home and abroad, and has been widely recognized by users from all walks of life. Trust, invest in rice bran oil processing, purchase leaching equipment production line, welcome to visit Zhongxing factory to purchase, please feel free to contact us!