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How to improve the oil output rate of the screw press?

September 07, 2021

The main factor that affects the oil yield of the screw press is the moisture of the crop, followed by the temperature of the crop, and the customer's operating experience. These three aspects can be well coordinated.

Other factors affecting production:

①The cleanliness of the raw materials is not enough, and sand and impurities enter the press chamber.

②The screw shaft or the cake outlet is not smooth, which affects the feeding and output of the cake. It can be polished with a grinding wheel. You can also mix materials with high friction coefficients such as chaff into the cake, add appropriate water, turn on the machine, and slowly feed and squeeze. , Polish the mouth of the cake.

③The speed of the screw shaft is too high or too low, and the speed should be adjusted until it meets the requirements.

④ If the screw shaft is polished, the parts should be replaced.

screw press

These are some issues that need to be paid attention to. It is necessary to carefully observe the working conditions of the oil press when operating the oil press.

Before using the screw press, the oil press must be inspected, and the lubricating part should be coated with lubricating oil. This will not only improve the work efficiency and the oil yield, but also reduce the friction of the parts and reduce the oil pressing. The frequency of replacement of the wearing parts of the machine.

Before the oil crops are pressed by the screw oil press, use a steaming wok to steam and fry, which can greatly increase the oil yield of oil crops, such as sesame, castor beans, sunflower seeds, etc., which are all oil crops with higher oil content. , Such as soybeans, the domestic soybean content is relatively low, the general screw press users will use cold pressing to squeeze.