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What can be done to increase the oil yield of rapeseed oil?

September 07, 2021

How to speed up the oil output rate of mustard oil has always been the focus of the manufacturers. For rapeseed oil manufacturers, the higher the oil output rate of rapeseed oil, the more rapeseed oil they can obtain, and the more profit and income. high. Next, the editor will organize and share the mustard tuber for you through the "congenital conditions"-the selection of rapeseed and the "acquired effort"-the processing of rapeseed, the selection and operation of rapeseed oil production equipment, and the pre-expression extraction. How to speed up the oil yield when seed oil is used, and at the same time, it can also realize your dual requirements for quality and yield.


"Congenital conditions"-the choice of rapeseed

The selection of rapeseed varieties with high oil content is the guarantee for high oil yield. Many years of scientific research and practice have proved that rapeseeds of "Sunshine 2009", "Sunshine 198", and "Zhongshuang 12" have a higher oil content in rapeseeds, generally around 45%, and rape siliques are long and have large grains. And full. Therefore, these varieties can be given priority when selecting rapeseeds.

 rapeseed oil

"Efforts from day to day"-rapeseed processing, rapeseed oil production equipment selection and operation, pre-expression extraction method

Pretreatment of canola oil before mustard oil can speed up the oil yield of rapeseed. Rapeseed pretreatment includes cleaning, embryo rolling and steaming. Pretreatment can remove impurities in rapeseeds, adjust the temperature and moisture of rapeseeds, make the production process smoother, and have a high oil yield. As the saying goes, "three-point pressing, seven-point frying", it can be seen that steaming the oil before pressing is also a way to speed up the oil yield.


Selection and operation of rapeseed oil production equipment

Choosing a high-quality rapeseed oil production equipment can produce more rapeseed oil from rapeseeds, reduce oil loss, and improve the oil yield of rapeseed oil.

In addition to the choice of equipment, the correct operation of the equipment can also speed up the oil yield of rapeseed to the extent necessary. Regularly cleaning the oil outlet gaps of fried noodles and doughnuts, reasonably controlling the feeding speed, adjusting the feeding amount in time, and accelerating the temperature in the frying chamber, etc., can form good pressing conditions to ensure normal oil output while using rapeseed oil The oil output rate has been maintained at a high level.


Pre-extraction leaching method

The use of pre-expression extraction method can accelerate the oil yield of rapeseed to a large extent. The rapeseed pre-pressed cake obtained after pressing has a higher residual oil rate. The oil in the pre-pressed cake can be extracted to obtain more rapeseed oil through the spray and soaking effect of the solvent-n-hexane. Compared with the traditional pressing method, the residual oil rate of the pre-press extraction method is lower, about 1%.


Rapeseed oil extraction equipment Rapeseed oil extraction equipment

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