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How to produce rapeseed oil by pre-expression extraction method?

September 23, 2021

Pre-pressing extraction method is a common method of rapeseed oil production, which mainly includes four parts: rapeseed pretreatment, rapeseed oil pre-pressing, rapeseed oil extraction and rapeseed oil refining. After refining, we will get rapeseed oil that meets national standards, which can be sold on the market. Next, let us take a look at the detailed process of producing rapeseed oil with the pre-expression extraction method.

 Rapeseed oil

1. Rapeseed pretreatment

Rapeseed pretreatment refers to a series of treatments such as cleaning, embossing, steaming and frying of rapeseed before the production of rapeseed oil. The purpose is to remove impurities in the rapeseed and adjust the internal structure of the rapeseed to be suitable for pre-pressing. In order to improve the pre-pressing efficiency of rapeseed oil. The rapeseed pretreatment equipment used includes cleaning equipment (magnetic separator, cleaning sieve, stone removal machine), embryo rolling machine and steaming pan. The cleaning equipment can be selected according to the type of rapeseed impurities and the amount of rapeseed impurities, or manual equipment can be used instead of mechanical equipment to reduce investment costs, but the pretreatment effect will also be compromised.

 Rapeseed pretreatment equipment

2. Rapeseed oil pre-press

Rapeseed oil pre-pressing is mainly a process of squeezing the pre-treated rapeseed with a pre-pressing machine. After pre-pressing, about 70% of the oil in the rapeseed is extracted, and the residual oil in the rapeseed cake is generally 15%-18%. The rapeseed cake needs to be transported to the extraction workshop to extract the rapeseed oil in the cake.

3. Rapeseed oil leaching

Rapeseed oil leaching is a process of extracting the oil from the rapeseed cake using the principle of the compatibility of solvents and oils. Rapeseed oil extraction equipment mainly includes rapeseed oil extraction system, wet meal desolventization system, mixed oil treatment system and solvent recovery system. After leaching, the residual oil ratio in the rapeseed cake is less than 1%, which reduces the loss of fat and increases the profit and income of the manufacturer. This is why most customers choose the extraction method to produce rapeseed oil.

4. Rapeseed oil refining

No matter the rapeseed oil obtained by pre-pressing or the rapeseed oil obtained by leaching, it is called crude oil. Crude oil contains harmful impurities that are unfavorable to the human body and some useless impurities, which need to be removed by refining. The refining process of rapeseed oil mainly includes four parts: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. After refining, the various indicators of rapeseed oil meet the national standards and can be sold on the market.

 Rapeseed oil refining equipment

The above is the detailed process of producing rapeseed oil by the pre-press extraction method. There are squeezing methods and direct extraction methods to produce rapeseed oil, but the specific method of rapeseed oil production needs to be selected according to factors such as the quality of the rapeseed, the processing volume of the rapeseed, the market's requirements for the rapeseed oil, and the investment cost. And rapeseed oil production equipment. To choose a suitable method of rapeseed oil production, these factors need to be comprehensively considered and carefully analyzed. If you are confused in this regard, you can leave a message below. Henan Zhongxing’s engineers will design a suitable rapeseed oil production method for you based on the entire factors and equip it with corresponding rapeseed oil production equipment. Looking forward to your message.