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How to solve the problem that the suction pump of the oil press has no suction

September 23, 2021

oil press

You need to learn how to repair and maintain the oil press. It is the same as a human being. There will be minor problems. If you don’t know how to repair it, contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer may be busy and can’t help. In this way, some customers say that the manufacturer is cheating. Knowing that the manufacturer is also opening the door to do business, not alone, many customers, if you do not solve it in time, learn to solve it yourself, how to solve the problem of the suction pump without suction, operate strictly according to the instructions, do not be self-righteous, before starting, warm up and clean up in time Sediment inside the machine.

1. The oil pump does not suck oil. Dirt clogging the oil filter screen can easily cause the oil pump of the hydraulic oil press to not suck oil. The oil filter screen should be removed and washed; if the oil is used for a long time, the sediment adheres to the oil inlet valve and the valve is not tight. Replace with new oil or Drain the old oil to filter and clean the oil inlet valve; if it is caused by insufficient oil in the oil tank, just add enough oil to the oil tank; if there is no vacuum in the oil pump, you can pull out the small piston, inject the oil and press it again.

2. The oil pump pressure is insufficient. If the valve is dirty or poorly sealed, it can be disassembled and ground to make it tight; if the oil press inlet valve screw plug is in poor contact with the valve seat, it can also be disassembled and washed and ground to make it tight; if it is pressed In the oil leakage caused by poor contact between the screw plug and valve seat between the oil inlet and outlet of the oil machine or not tightened, the oil inlet screw plug and the valve seat on the oil press can be ground to make them tight or tighten the screw plug; if the small piston is worn with the pump body If the clearance is too large, the pump should be replaced with a new one.

3. The oil cylinder and piston of the oil press leak oil. If it is caused by the wrong installation of the mouth of the leather bowl, the leather bowl should be reinstalled according to the correct method; if the leather bowl is broken and damaged, we will replace the leather bowl.

4. The safety valve is malfunctioning. If there is dirt in the oil that causes the steel ball valve to not seal, clean the safety valve, remove the dirt, and close the steel ball valve; if the spring loses its elasticity and cannot withstand high pressure, replace the new spring; if the adjustment screw is loose, it will not arrive. The valve skips when the pressure is specified, and the screw should be re-adjusted so that the valve skips when the pressure reaches the specified pressure; if it is frequently overpressured. It is easy to cause the steel ball valve to be damaged. The valve should be reground, the steel ball should be replaced, and the operation procedures should be followed.