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How to refine sunflower oil? What is the sunflower oil refining process?

September 18, 2021

The sunflower oil extracted from the sunflower oil extraction workshop is generally called wool sunflower oil, which contains some impurities, including peptic impurities, free fatty acids, pigments, peculiar smells, waxes, etc. The crude sunflower oil needs to be refined to obtain high-quality sunflower oil that meets the national standards. So how to refine sunflower oil? What is the sunflower oil refining process?

 sunflower oil

The refining process of sunflower oil mainly includes five parts: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and dewaxing. Please see the following for the function and operation process of each part:

1. Degumming

The function of degumming is to remove the peptic impurities in the crude sunflower oil. Peptizing impurities will affect the stability of sunflower oil and the subsequent effects of refining. Henan Zhongxing generally uses hydration degumming to remove peptic impurities. The specific operation process is to add hot water to the crude sunflower oil to agglomerate the peptic impurities into agglomerates, and remove the impurities after sedimentation and separation.

2. Deacidification

The function of deacidification is to remove free fatty acids in sunflower oil. Free fatty acids can cause the rancidity of sunflower oil and affect the quality of sunflower oil, so it needs to be removed.

There are generally two ways to remove free fatty acids: chemical deacidification and physical deacidification.

The chemical deacidification process is to add lye to the crude sunflower oil to neutralize the free fatty acid to remove the free fatty acid. After chemical deacidification, soapstock will be produced as a by-product, which is also the raw material for processed soap.

The operation process of physical deacidification is to pass water vapor into the sunflower oil, and use the principle of distillation to remove free fatty acids. The by-products obtained after physical deacidification are fatty acids, which can be further processed to obtain additional profits.

Edible oil deacidification process

3. Decolorization

The function of decolorization is to remove the pigment in the wool sunflower oil, so that the color of the sunflower oil meets the national standard. The specific operation process of decolorization is to add white clay to the sunflower oil, use the adsorbability of the white clay to remove the pigment in the oil, and at the same time, it can also absorb the gelatin and soapstock left in the degummed part. After decolorization, the waste clay in the oil needs to be filtered out with a leaf filter.

4. Deodorization

The role of deodorization is to remove the peculiar smell in the sunflower oil. The presence of peculiar smell will affect the edible value of sunflower oil. The specific operation process of deodorization is to pass water vapor into the sunflower oil, and use the difference in the volatility of oil and odor substances to remove odor substances. After deodorization, the smoke point, flavor and stability of sunflower oil will be changed.

5. Dewaxing

The function of dewaxing is to remove the wax in the crude sunflower oil, which will improve the quality of sunflower oil. Dewaxing is to remove the wax in sunflower oil through crystallization filtration. The dewaxed sunflower oil has high quality and high market value.

 Edible oil dewaxing process

The smooth operation of the sunflower oil refining process is closely related to the quality of the sunflower oil refining equipment. Only with good-performance sunflower oil refining equipment can it be ensured that the refined sunflower oil meets national standards. If you need sunflower oil refining equipment, you can contact Henan Zhongxing. Henan Zhongxing has its own equipment production plant, and a group of high-level welders and skilled workers escort the quality and performance of sunflower oil refining equipment. You are welcome to come to consult.