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How to run in the new screw press

September 18, 2021

screw press

1. The first operation is to adjust the gap between the screw shaft of the screw press and the cake ring, which is a very important step in the running-in of the new screw press.

Operation method: When operating, make the screw shaft of the screw press move forward to the dead cake mouth, and then back 2-3 revolutions. Test standard: Make the gap control at 0.5-1 mm.

2. After completing the first step of adjustment, you can enter the second step to start up. After starting up, let the screw press idling for 3-5 minutes, and then feed the oil cake or dull material evenly, and press the screw press into the chamber. Friction generates heat. The squeezing chamber temperature can be higher, and vice versa. Only when the temperature of the screw press chamber reaches 70-80°C (touching the body shell with your hands and feeling hot), the pressing can be started.

3. Start pressing and enter the third step. In this step of operation, the thickness of the cake must be strictly controlled. Different types of oils, different pressing times, and different standards for cake thickness are also different. Generally, the thickness of the cake from the screw press should be controlled within 0.3-2.5 mm. For detailed data, please refer to the screw press manual.

The standard for the cake thickness of the oil with higher oil output rate of the oil press:

When using the screw shaft to squeeze sesame and other oils with high oil yield, it can be fed in batches (5 kg per batch is better), and continuous squeezing per batch 2-3 times. Because the first batch of squeezed, the oil flow is larger, and the heat taken away is more, so the first batch of compressed oil cakes can be installed immediately on the machine for the second and third squeezing. When re-squeezing, the oil output is relatively reduced, and the heat taken away by the oil flow is less, which can make the temperature in the press chamber rise to 70-80°C suddenly.

4. Shut down to clean up the screw press. After the machine is shut down, the screw shaft of the screw press should be taken out, and the residue in the press chamber and each gap should be cleared in real time to avoid hardening and affecting the next work. When folding and squeezing snails, they should be flattened to prevent bruising, and they should be placed upright after removal to prevent deformation.

Before stopping, stop feeding new material, but need to feed some oil cakes to squeeze all the remaining cakes in the press chamber, and then increase the gap between the cakes to squeeze the excess oil residues in the press chamber.