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What is the production process of cottonseed oil pressing? Which cottonseed oil processing equipment is needed?

September 18, 2021

The cottonseed oil pressing production process is the production process of using cottonseed oil processing equipment to produce cottonseed oil through mechanical pressing. After squeezing, squeezed cottonseed oil can be obtained, and after refining and fractionation treatment, high-quality cottonseed oil that meets national standards can be obtained. So what is the production process of cottonseed oil pressing? What cottonseed oil processing equipment is needed to complete the cottonseed oil pressing production? Take a look.

 cottonseed oil

1. Cottonseed oil pressing

(1) Depilation

Before the cottonseed oil is pressed, the cottonseed lint should be treated well, so that the cottonseed lint content is less than 3%, so that it will not affect the production of cottonseed oil. If the lint content of cottonseed is too high, the peeling rate will be reduced, the separation effect of the kernel and the hull will be poor, resulting in a high hull content in the kernel. If cotton linters are mixed into oil, it will absorb oil and increase the total oil loss. In addition, cotton linters contain a large amount of wax, which makes the grease contained more waxy, which affects the quality of the grease. The cottonseed cake will also reduce the quality of the cake because of the short lint. Therefore, delinting is a key operation before cottonseed oil is pressed.

(2) Clean up

The purpose of cleaning is to remove various impurities in cottonseeds, including light impurities, heavy impurities and wet impurities, to improve the purity of cottonseeds, and then improve the efficiency of cottonseed oil pressing. In addition, cleaning can reduce the damage of cottonseed oil processing equipment and extend the equipment. Service life. The cottonseed cleaning equipment is mainly a winnowing device.

(3) Shelling

There are two commonly used cottonseed shelling equipment: disc shelling machine and toothed roller crusher. The disc sheller is suitable for small-volume cottonseed shelling, and the price is economical. The toothed roller crusher is also used for the peeling of cottonseed, and it also plays a role in crushing. The toothed roller crusher is suitable for large-volume cottonseed shelling, and the general processing capacity is more than 50 tons/day.

Disk peeling machine

(4) Separation of kernel and shell

The purpose of kernel shell separation is to separate cottonseed kernels and shells to improve the efficiency of cottonseed pressing. If the processing capacity of cottonseed is more than 50 tons/day, it is necessary to use the kernel shell separating sieve and drum sieving for two screenings, so that the cottonseed kernels and shells can be separated better. If the processing capacity of cottonseed is relatively small, less than 50 tons/day, then only one kind of equipment is needed for the separation and screening of kernels and shells.

(5) Soften

Since the selected cottonseed kernels are different in softness and hardness, it is necessary to use a softening pot to soften the cottonseeds. If the amount of cottonseed processed is relatively small, this step can be omitted.

(6) Rolling blank

The equipment used for cottonseed embossing is embossing machine, which can roll the softened cottonseed into thin slices, so that the temperature and humidity of the cottonseed can be better adjusted, so that the steaming effect is better.

(7) Steam and stir-fry

The equipment used for cottonseed steaming and frying is a steamer, which can adjust the temperature and humidity of the cottonseed to improve the efficiency of cottonseed pressing.

(8) Squeeze

The cottonseed oil processing equipment used in the pressing process is an oil press, and the pressing temperature requires 120°C. Wool cottonseed oil can be obtained by pressing. As pressed cottonseed oil contains impurities such as gossypol, it is necessary to refine the cottonseed oil.

2. Cottonseed oil refining

Cottonseed oil refining is the process of removing various impurities in cottonseed oil through degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. The cottonseed oil processing equipment used is cottonseed oil refining equipment. There are three types of cottonseed oil refining equipment that Henan Zhongxing can provide: cottonseed oil intermittent refining equipment, used for 1-20 tons/day cottonseed oil refining treatment; cottonseed oil semi-continuous refining equipment, used for 10-50 tons/day cottonseed oil refining treatment ; Cottonseed oil full continuous refining equipment, used for refining cottonseed oil of more than 30 tons/day. You can choose cottonseed oil refining equipment according to your needs.

 cottonseed oil refining equipment

3. Separation of cottonseed oil

The purpose of cottonseed oil fractionation is to separate the solid oil and liquid oil in the cottonseed oil to increase the clarity of the cottonseed oil. If the separated cottonseed oil is kept in an environment below 0°C for 5.5 hours and still remains clear and does not produce sediment, it means that the separation effect is very good and meets the national standard.

The above is the detailed cottonseed oil pressing production process. Henan Zhongxing’s engineers will customize the cottonseed oil pressing production plan according to the specific conditions of each customer, and equip the corresponding cottonseed oil processing equipment, so that the customer's investment budget can be reasonably used. If you are preparing a cottonseed oil pressing production project and are looking for a cottonseed oil processing equipment manufacturer, then you can contact us and the Henan Zhongxing team will serve you wholeheartedly.