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Hydraulic sunflower oil press

September 16, 2021

The hydraulic sunflower seed oil press is a new type of high-efficiency edible oil pressing equipment. This machine can directly squeeze the fried oil, and the whole process can be completed in only about ten minutes. It is especially suitable for small oil press workshops and oil substitute processing points. It not only allows users to see the entire oil pressing process, but also squeezes out. The oil has the characteristics of pure and excellent oil quality and long-lasting fragrance.

 sunflower oil

1. Working principle of hydraulic sunflower seed oil press:

When the hydraulic sunflower seed oil press is working, it is necessary to put the oil that has been exhausted from the oil fume into the cylinder of the hydraulic oil press, and then put a cushion on the upper end of the oil, and place the separator on the upper end of the cylinder and push it horizontally. Into the material tank. If the oil is low, the oil can be raised when the hydraulic sunflower oil press is activated to keep the oil on the upper plane slightly lower than the upper end of the cylinder; otherwise, the upper plate cannot be closed, lift the handle of the hand control valve, and start the hydraulic oil press The machine performs squeezing.

 Hydraulic sunflower oil press

2. Main components and characteristics of hydraulic sunflower seed oil press:

(1) The main body

Main components: The main components of the main body part are transmission box, hydraulic cylinder, piston, column, movable top, base, barrel, power distribution box, pressure gauge and automatic temperature control device, etc.;

Features: The main body adopts hard chrome electroplating process, with uniform color, never fading and can speed up the performance and service life of the machine.

(2) Hydraulic transmission part

Main components: The main hydraulic transmission components are composed of transmission worms, turbines, crankshafts, high-pressure pumps, gear pumps, one-way valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pipes and other components.

Features: The hydraulic transmission components have high reasonable rate, high pressure, stable upward pressure, high oil output rate, high temperature resistance, and continuous work.

(3) Hydraulic bidirectional cylinder part

Main components: Hydraulic two-way cylinder is composed of hydraulic cylinder body, piston, cylinder gland, hexagon socket screw, oil seal (made of imported polyurethane material, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, long-term use).

Features: The hydraulic two-way cylinder is characterized by relying on the oil pump to supply oil to the cylinder to force the piston to rise quickly and fall quickly, with short time, high efficiency and high degree of automation.

 Hydraulic sunflower oil press

3. Advantages of hydraulic sunflower oil press:

(1) With the function of one machine with multiple functions, it can realize the pressing of high-content oil crops such as sesame, peanut, oil sunflower, almond, walnut, pine nut, castor bean, etc.;

(2) The oil is squeezed purely physically, without destroying the nutrient content of the oil, and the oil is pure in color and rich in fragrance;

(3) The return rate of equipment investment is high, and the cost can be recovered within half a year;

(4) The working principle of hydraulic transmission, low maintenance cost, low motor power and low power consumption;

(5) Mechatronics design, beautiful appearance, simple operation, can be operated by one to two persons.