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If I want to invest in a peanut oil production plant, it is a headache to purchase peanut oil processing equipment. What should I do?

September 08, 2021

Do you want to invest in building a peanut oil production plant? Are you still having a headache on how to choose peanut oil processing equipment? Don't have a headache, Henan Zhongxing will provide you with a simple strategy, and provide three options for buying and selling, so that you can understand the market and take a seat. Henan Zhongxing strives to help you avoid detours and help your peanut oil production project profit as soon as possible!

peanut oil

Option 1: Drum wok + spiral oil press + plate and frame filter

If your peanut oil production plant is small and has a daily processing capacity of 5-10 tons/day, our engineers recommend that you purchase small peanut oil processing equipment, including drum frying pans, screw oil presses and plate and frame filters. This scheme has low investment cost, and can also be automated production, saving time and effort, and it is in line with the needs of small peanut oil production plants.

Option 2: Pretreatment equipment + peanut oil press + small refining equipment

If the daily processing capacity of the peanut oil production plant is 10-30 tons/day, the peanut oil processing equipment required will naturally be more than the plan. Different from the first option, the second option adopts the squeezing + refining method, which can realize the customer's dual requirements for quality and output, and bring higher economic benefits. The program consists of cleaning equipment, drum wok, peanut oil press and small refining equipment. The program has strong work continuity, high production efficiency, and good quality of finished peanut oil, which is suitable for medium-sized peanut oil production plants.

Scheme 3: Pretreatment equipment + leaching equipment + refining equipment

The program is a complete edible oil production line, suitable for large-scale peanut oil production plants with a stable daily processing capacity of more than 30 tons/day. Scheme 3 adopts the method of pre-pressing + leaching, which can extract more peanut oil and control the residual oil rate below 1%. It is worth noting that the crude oil obtained by the leaching method must be refined before being edible. Therefore, for large factories, it is also indispensable to equip a set of peanut oil refining equipment. The program has high degree of automation and high work efficiency, and is suitable for large-scale peanut oil production plants.

The above are three different configuration options provided by Henan Zhongxing. When purchasing peanut oil processing equipment, please look for big brands. Henan Zhongxing lives up to expectations. Users are welcome to visit and purchase!