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Three commonly used leaching methods in the leaching of grease leaching equipment

September 08, 2021

Leaching equipment leaching oil is a commonly used physical and chemical extraction method, through the full contact of the solvent with the oil, enter the cell tissue of the oil, dissolve the oil and turn into the leaching liquid. The main process is as follows:

Infiltration process—dissolve its soluble components—continuously diffuse its dissolved components outside the cell—use the relative density of the leaching solution to cause internal convection and other displacement effects before leaching.

Leaching equipment is a commonly used grease equipment in many oil plants. When the leaching equipment extracts grease, there are three leaching methods, namely downstream leaching, counter-current leaching and cross-current leaching. What are the characteristics of these three leaching methods? Let's share with you one time:

 leaching methods

1. Downstream leaching: During downstream leaching, the direction of movement of the leaching material and the leaching agent solution in the leaching equipment is the same. The downstream leaching process is characterized by obtaining a leaching solution with a higher content of leached components, and the consumption of leaching reagents is relatively high. Low. However, the leaching speed is lower and the leaching time is longer.


2. Cross-flow leaching: During cross-flow leaching, the material to be leached in the leaching equipment is leached by several new leaching agent solutions, and the leaching solution obtained from each leaching is sent to subsequent operations to recover the leached components. The cross-flow leaching process is It is characterized by higher leaching speed, larger leaching liquid volume, lower content of leached components in the leaching liquid, and higher content of the remaining leaching agent in the leaching liquid, so the consumption of the leaching agent is higher.


3. Countercurrent leaching: In countercurrent leaching, the direction of movement of the leached material and the leaching agent solution is opposite, that is, the material depleted after several stages of leaching contacts the new leaching agent solution, while the original material being leached is in contact with the new leaching agent solution after several stages of leaching. After contact with the leachate.


The above are the three common leaching methods when the leaching equipment is leaching grease. Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Factory has mature equipment manufacturing technology and rich experience, and can recommend suitable solutions and process equipment for customers to choose according to customer needs.