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What are the main equipment included in a complete set of leaching equipment with a daily output of 20 tons? What is the leaching process?

September 08, 2021

  The complete set of leaching equipment is mainly composed of scraper conveyor, horizontal leaching device, high material layer steaming machine, tube stripper, steam superheater, long tube evaporator, vapor-liquid separator and other equipment.


  The process of oil leaching can be divided into four steps: oil leaching, mixed oil treatment, meal treatment and solvent recovery. The pre-pressed cakes in the storage box are conveyed to the flat-rotation extractor by the B-type scraper and closed auger. The material grid containing the materials drives the broken cakes with a powder concentration of not more than 5% to rotate in a clockwise direction. The gasoline solvent and mixed oil are sprayed in the needle direction. After repeated spraying and soaking, the residual oil in the pre-pressed cake is extracted to obtain a thick mixed oil.

 main equipment included in a complete set of leaching equipment

  The thick mixed oil is sent to the long tube evaporator and tubular stripper through the filter and the mixed oil tank to remove the solvent in the mixed oil to obtain crude oil. The crude oil is transported through the crude oil tank to the deodorizing pot for refining, and the volatile substances with odor are removed under vacuum with superheated steam to become edible oil.


  The wet meal dipped in the extractor generally contains 20-30% solvent. In order to recover these solvents, the wet meal is sent from a scraper through a closed auger to a high-layer steamer to evaporate the solvent. The solvent vapor evaporated from the steamer, the long tube evaporator, and the tubular stripper is respectively introduced into the tubular condenser to be converted into liquid solvent water, and the water is divided by the water distribution tank and flows into the solvent circulation for recycling.


In order to maintain the pressure balance of each equipment, a free gas pipe is installed on the extractor, water distribution tank, water distribution tank, mixed oil tank and other equipment to connect with the pressure tank, and enter the free gas condenser through the balance tank to make the solvent in the free gas The gas is recovered.