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When squeezing peanut oil, is it better to squeeze the peanut kernels directly, or to squeeze them after they are cooked?

September 08, 2021

Everyone must have such a doubt: Is it better to squeeze peanut kernels directly when squeezing peanut oil, or to squeeze them after they are cooked? In fact, when squeezing peanut oil, steaming and frying peanut kernels is an indispensable process. Whether it is steamed or not and the effect of steaming and frying has a direct impact on the smooth progress of the entire aromatic peanut oil production project, the level of oil yield, and the quality of oil products and cakes. Zhongxing Oils recommends that when you squeeze peanut oil, it is better to fry the peanut kernels and then squeeze it than to squeeze the oil directly.


Peanut oil pretreatment


So why is it better to squeeze the peanuts after they are fried than to squeeze the oil directly? Zhongxing Oils and Fats will explain in detail the type, purpose and requirements of steaming and frying.

1. Types of steamed and fried

Peanut oil is steamed and fried using moist steaming. Moist steaming refers to the method of adding water to the steaming pan or spraying direct steam to make the raw embryo reach an excellent initial moisture for steaming, and then steaming the moistened embryo. Make the moisture and temperature in the cooked embryo after steaming meet the requirements of suitable oil extraction.


The following picture is the display picture of the steaming and frying pan:

 steaming and frying pan


2. Purpose of steaming

The purpose of steaming and frying is to destroy the internal cells of the oil through the action of temperature and moisture, denature the protein, reduce the adsorption force and suitable plasticity of the oil, so that the oil can be fully prepared and taken out.

3. Requirements for steaming and frying

The maturity is uniform and the cooked billet has the required elasticity and plasticity, which is beneficial to the smooth progress of the subsequent peanut pressing process.

The peanut oil, which is squeezed by a peanut oil press after careful steaming and frying, has a more fragrant taste and high oil yield, which intuitively speeds up the quality of crude oil.

In addition to steaming and frying, a series of pretreatment methods, such as cleaning, crushing, and rolling, can also be used to speed up the oil yield and oil quality of peanuts. As an oil equipment manufacturer, Henan Zhongxing can provide you with peanut oil processing equipment of different models and configurations. Users are welcome to inquire!