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Introduction of cold-pressed peanut oil production process

September 24, 2021

The cold-pressed peanut oil production process refers to the production of peanut oil through impurity removal and conditioning, 60°C low-temperature cold pressing and filtration. Low-temperature cold-pressed peanut oil is a healthy edible oil comparable to western olive oil. The low-temperature cold pressing process makes the color, aroma and taste of peanut oil meet the requirements of consumers.

Peanut Cold Press

In the cold-pressed peanut oil production process, the impurities in the peanut kernels must be removed first through the screening of cleaning and impurity removal equipment, and the removal of red clothes. Then use crushing equipment and tempering equipment to adjust the internal structure of peanuts to a state suitable for cold pressing of peanuts. Next, it is cold pressed by a cold press at 60°C, and we will obtain crude peanut oil and peanut cake. Peanut oil can be filtered to obtain cold-pressed peanut oil, and peanut cake can be crushed to obtain protein powder. Cold pressed peanut oil is pure, cool and golden in color. The protein powder is a by-product of cold-pressed peanut oil production, which can obtain good economic benefits.

The cold-pressed peanut oil production process reduces the high-temperature heating process. The peanut oil is extracted from the peanuts by physical mechanical pressing. It incorporates modern high-tech filtration and purification technologies, so that the entire production process is pollution-free. The cold-pressed peanut oil production process retains the natural aroma components in the peanuts, making the peanut oil taste more pure, fragrant but not greasy, which meets the requirements of the Chinese for the color, fragrance and taste of the dishes.

Cold-pressed peanut oil does not require complex refining, and can be eaten only by physical filtration. The nutritional factors in it are not destroyed by high temperature and can be preserved, which is in line with the health concepts of consumers. Therefore, more and more peanut oil manufacturers have chosen the cold-pressed peanut oil production process. Using the cold pressing process to produce peanut oil would be a good choice.