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Introduction of soybean oil pretreatment section

September 29, 2021

With the acceleration of people's living standards, people are more and more concerned about their own health. From the source of soybeans to the preparation of soybean oil, people want to know about it. Next, I will briefly explain the soybean oil for everyone. Preparation process.

 soybean oil

Technical characteristics of soybean oil pretreatment technology:

Soybean oil pretreatment equipment is the main equipment for producing soybean oil. The complete soybean oil pretreatment process mainly includes the following parts: cleaning process, crushing process, softening process, embossing process, drying process, etc.

Main equipment of soybean oil pretreatment workshop

1. Cleaning process:

In order to reasonably achieve the cleaning effect, ensure a good operating environment and production stability, and speed up the quality of the finished product, the process is equipped with a high-efficiency vibrating screen to clean up large and small impurities; equipped with a suction specific gravity stone remover to remove side-by-side stones and side-by-side Mud; equipped with non-powered magnetic separator to remove iron impurities; equipped with dust removal air net.

2. Crushing process:

In order to ensure good softening and rolling effects of soybean raw materials, soybean crushing needs to have a uniform particle size (4-6 petals), so that the moisture is uniform and thorough during softening; the billets are thin and strong during rolling.

3. Softening process:

The soybean softening process can not only make the prepared green body thin and uniform, have the required toughness, which is beneficial to leaching, but also can make the content of non-hydratable phospholipids in the leached crude oil less, which is convenient for the removal of salad oil. Phosphorus and physical refining.

4. Rolling billet process:

Rolling billet is to prepare watercress with the required particle size into slices of about 0.3mm. The purpose is to extract the oil in the raw material in a short time and maximize the residue in the meal during the leaching process. The oil is less than 1%.

5. Drying process:

The green sheet obtained from the rolling mechanism generally contains about 12% moisture, and the optimum moisture content of the leaching process is about 9%. Therefore, the green sheet needs to be dried to achieve the optimal immersion moisture through reasonable drying methods.

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