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Analysis of key points in the process operation of walnut oil equipment

September 29, 2021

walnut oil equipment

The key points of the process operation of the walnut oil equipment are as follows:

(1) Impurity removal: The walnut oil equipment screens and sorts the walnut kernels separated by the sheller to remove the broken shells, membranes and moldy walnut kernels.

(2) Peeling: soak the clean walnut kernels after removing impurities in a 0.6-0.8% sodium hydroxide solution at about 70°C, soak for 15-20 minutes, and then wash with water for 7 times until the lotion is in the middle sex.

(3) Stir-frying: the peeled walnut kernels are aired to remove moisture, and then added to the rotating wok for frying. The frying temperature is about 100°C, and when it reaches 80% maturity. Check the ripening degree of walnut kernels at any time, and the temperature will reach about 30℃ when they are out of the pan. Generally, the stir-frying is about 30 minutes, and the walnut kernel after the stir-frying contains less than 5% of water. Stir-frying makes the protein in the walnut kernel denature and agglutinate, and the tiny oil droplets distributed in the cells gather after being heated. Therefore, the quality of stir-frying directly affects the amount of oil produced.

(4) Refining: Add the fried walnut kernels to an electric stone mill to form a paste to fully destroy the cell tissue. Walnut kernels become pulpy after being finely ground. The finer the ground, the better. Spread the sauce on the thin paper, and it will meet the requirement of fineness if there are no black spots in the sunlight.

(5) Stir the oil with the slurry: add boiling water to the sauce, then stir to replace the oil from the sauce. The amount of boiling water added when blending is about 80% of the sauce, stir while adding water, and the speed is 30 rpm. Stir continuously for 40-50 minutes. After stirring, most of the oil will float to the surface and the bottom will be fluid. At this time, the surface oil is "skimmed" out, and the surface oil layer of 7-9 mm is maintained after skimming to facilitate the floating and agglomeration of oil droplets in the sauce.

(6) Shake and separate oil: After mixing the slurry and skimming the oil, there is still part of the oil contained in the sauce. Replace the stirrer on the slurry mixing machine with oil gourds that can vibrate up and down, and make up and down shocks in the sauce. It is about 10 revolutions per minute, and oscillates for about 40-50 minutes. Skim out the fat separated from the sauce.

(7) Static precipitation: the walnut oil extracted by the walnut oil equipment is allowed to stand and settle for 10-12 hours to separate the insoluble impurities. The slag slurry after extracting walnut oil can be spray-dried to obtain defatted walnut powder. Used as granules, beverages and food additives