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What should be paid attention to when operating linseed oil equipment

September 29, 2021

linseed oil equipment

Linseed oil equipment is a professional flaxseed processing equipment. The main purpose of linseed oil equipment is to process linseed oil to achieve the purpose of oil separation. When using linseed oil equipment, in order to improve its efficiency, the following matters need to be paid attention to:


1. If the temperature rises too fast, the oil will not be heated evenly, causing some oil to be saponified, soap feet floating on the surface, and it is difficult to control the final temperature. If the temperature rises too slowly, the neutralization time is prolonged, and some neutral oils react with free alkali to saponify and increase the refining consumption.

2. The stirring speed should be fast from fast to slow, because the density of the lye is higher than that of the oil, if the stirring is slow, the stratification phenomenon is prone to occur. To the degree of completeness, the main reason for slowing down later is to gradually accumulate small soap particles into larger particles. If the stirring speed is too fast, the large soap particles that have been coagulated will be finely broken into small particles of soap, which will seriously cause the oily soap to be indifferent and bring difficulties to the precipitation.

3. There is no fixed value for the final temperature. Because the quality of tea oil varies from place to place, some crude oils have a final temperature of 56°C during refining, and the oil soap is separated well, but some soap particles will not precipitate until the final temperature reaches 64°C. . The final temperature cannot rise too high or too low. If a large amount of soap particles are precipitated and the temperature is continued to rise, the soap feet will float. If the temperature is not raised enough, all the soap particles will not be precipitated, and the oil and soap will not be separated obviously, so that the precipitation will not be good and the water washing will be difficult.

In general, when the linseed oil equipment is processing linseed oil, its temperature is at 60 degrees. However, during the processing of linseed oil equipment, the final temperature of the oil is very important. It is too high or too high. If it is too low, it will increase its refining consumption and reduce its work efficiency.