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Linseed oil production equipment

August 23, 2021

Flax, also called flax, is a kind of oil crop. It can be cultivated in a wide range of temperate and tropical regions in the world except for the hot equator and severe cold regions. Flaxseed is the raw material for the production of linseed oil. The oil content of linseed in different regions will vary, generally 35%-50%. The production process from linseed to linseed oil requires a series of equipment, and the equipment will be different depending on the production method. You can choose linseed oil production equipment according to the introduction of Henan Zhongxing.


Linseed oil


Different production methods are equipped with different linseed oil production equipment. Generally, the production method is related to your output and demand. If your linseed oil production is 1-10 tons/day, you can choose an economical pressing method to produce linseed oil. If your output is more than 10 tons/day, the leaching method will be a good choice, which can reduce grease loss. In addition, linseed oil production equipment can be customized for you according to your needs and budget.

The pressing method uses mechanical pressing to obtain linseed oil from flaxseeds. The equipment used in the squeezing method includes linseed pretreatment equipment, pre-press and squeezer. Flaxseed pretreatment equipment includes magnetic separator, vibrating screen, stone remover, crusher, embryo rolling machine and steaming pan. The pretreatment of linseed is mainly to clean up various impurities in the linseed, and to adjust the temperature and moisture of the linseed to a good state before being pressed. After pretreatment, the linseed is squeezed twice using a pre-press and a press to obtain linseed oil. After pressing, in addition to linseed oil, there is cake. The residual oil ratio in the cake is 7%. If your yield is large, this will be a big loss, so the leaching method is suitable for large yield linseed oil production. After leaching, the residual oil ratio in the cake is less than 1%, which reduces oil loss and obtains more linseed oil.


 Pre-press equipment Press equipment


Leaching is the process of spraying the solvent on the cake and soaking the cake for a period of time to extract the oil in the cake by using the principle that organic solvents and oils are compatible. The leaching equipment usually contains four systems: grease leaching system, wet meal desolventizing system, mixed oil processing system and solvent recovery system. The leached oil needs to be refined to remove trace impurities in the oil, so that the linseed oil meets the national standards for use and can be sold on the market.

Refining equipment is also an important part of linseed oil production equipment, including four sections of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. If your raw material is wool linseed oil, you can choose linseed oil refining equipment to obtain refined oil.


Extraction equipment Refining equipment


As a edible oil processing equipment manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, engineers from Henan Zhongxing have done edible oil production projects for customers in dozens of countries and have rich production experience. You can tell us the raw materials, output and demand, the engineer can design the production plan for you, and then the price of the linseed oil production equipment can be determined. You are welcome to consult.