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Cottonseed oil production equipment

August 19, 2021

Cotton is cultivated in many parts of the world, but it is mainly produced in China, Uzbekistan, the United States, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey, etc. It is one of the common oil crops. The oil content of cottonseed with hull is 17%-20%, and the oil content of cottonseed without hull is 33%-40%. So how to get cottonseed oil from cottonseed? What cottonseed oil production equipment is needed? The engineer from Henan Zhongxing will give you a detailed introduction.


 cottonseed oil


There are generally two production methods of cottonseed oil: pressing method and leaching method. If your cottonseed oil production is 1-10 tons/day, the pressing method is more economical and cost-effective. If your cottonseed oil production is more than 10 tons/day, the leaching method is a good choice.

The cottonseed oil production equipment used in the pressing method includes cottonseed pretreatment equipment, pre-press and press.

The cottonseed pretreatment equipment includes a magnetic separator, a vibrating screen, a specific gravity stone remover, a shelling machine, an embryo rolling machine and a steaming pan. After pretreatment, the impurities of the cottonseed are cleaned up, and the moisture, temperature and internal structure are also adjusted to a proper squeezed state, which improves the oil yield. It should be noted that the output of cottonseed oil is less than 10 tons/day, and ZTE engineers suggest not to peel the shell, which will be more cost-effective. If the output is more than 10 tons/day, peeling is necessary, otherwise the grease loss will be great.


 Cottonseed pretreatment equipment


After pre-treatment, the cottonseed is squeezed twice with a pre-press and a press to obtain cottonseed oil. If you want to obtain high-quality cottonseed oil, Henan Zhongxing can provide you with cottonseed oil refining equipment for further processing of cottonseed oil.

In addition to pretreatment equipment, the leaching method also requires leaching equipment and refining equipment. The leaching equipment extracts the oil in the pre-pressed cake, reduces the residual oil rate in the cake from 7% to less than 1%, and reduces oil loss. The refining equipment includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization sections. The purpose is to remove trace impurities in the crude oil, so that the composition, color and smell of cottonseed oil can meet national standards and can be sold on the market.


 leaching equipment oil refining equipment


You can tell us your output and requirements. Henan Zhongxing's engineers can provide corresponding cottonseed oil production equipment to improve oil production efficiency and increase your profit income. What are you waiting for? Come and contact us.