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Sunflower oil production equipment

August 19, 2021

Generally speaking, there are two types of sunflower seeds, edible sunflower and oil sunflower. If you want to produce edible oil, it is generally recommended to use oil sunflower as a raw material. The oil content of whole oil sunflower seeds has reached 45%-54%, the hull content is as low as about 22%, and the kernel contains about 21%-31% protein. Sunflower oil is an excellent edible oil that is very popular in the international market and is one of the three mainstream edible oils. More and more people are now participating in the sunflower oil production industry. In the sunflower oil production process, sunflower oil production equipment is indispensable.


sunflower oil


Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery mainly provides large, medium and small sunflower oil production equipment. For small-scale sunflower oil production, we recommend choosing a wok, integrated machine and oil filter, which is economical and easy to operate; for medium- and large-scale sunflower oil production, Henan Zhongxing can provide a full line of sunflower oil production equipment with different yields, including sunflowers Seed pretreatment and pressing equipment, sunflower oil extraction equipment and sunflower oil refining equipment.

The following is a detailed introduction of the entire sunflower oil production line.

Ⅰ. Pretreatment section

The pretreatment section is to remove impurities in the raw materials, change its shape and internal structure, and make it meet the requirements of oil production.

1. Clean up:

Use cleaning equipment to remove impurities contained in sunflower seeds in order to reduce the wear and tear on the equipment.

2. Peeling:

Use a peeling machine to remove the shells of sunflower seeds, increase the oil yield and reduce the abrasion of the equipment.

3. Rolling embryo:

Use the embryo rolling machine to destroy the oilseed cells and increase the contact area between the equipment and the oilseed. From this point of view, the rolling embryo is beneficial to improve the steaming and frying effect and the oil yield.

4. Steam and stir-fry:

Use a steaming pan to adjust the moisture and temperature of sunflower seeds to achieve a good state before pre-pressing.

5. Pre-pressing:

Use a pre-press to squeeze out part of the oil in the raw material.


Pre-press equipment


Ⅱ Extraction section

In the leaching section, the oil is extracted by solvent, which can obtain the oil in the cake and reduce the loss of oil.

1. Edible oil extraction system:

Use a solvent to extract the oil in the cake, and the solvent is generally No. 6 gasoline.

2. Wet meal desolventizing system:

The dregs and solvents are separated through the evaporation system to obtain dry dregs, and the solvents can be recycled.

3. Mixed oil treatment system:

Direct steam heating of the mixed oil to separate the sunflower oil from the solvent to obtain wool sunflower oil.

4. Solvent recovery system:

The main purpose is to recover solvents for recycling and reduce solvent consumption.


Extraction equipment


Ⅲ Refining section

The refining section is to remove impurities in the crude oil to obtain sunflower oil that meets the national edible standards.

1. Degumming:

Remove colloidal impurities and prepare for the subsequent refining section.

2. Deacidification:

Get rid of free fatty acids in crude oil.

3. Decolorization:

Adding activated clay to absorb the pigments in the crude oil and speed up the quality of the oil.

4. Deodorization:

Remove the peculiar smell in the oil, improve the taste, taste and quality of the oil.

5. Dewaxing:

Remove the wax in the oil and improve the quality of the oil.


oil refining equipment


Through the three stages of processing, we can obtain sunflower oil that meets the national edible standards from sunflower seeds. Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of sunflower oil production equipment for more than ten years and has a mature engineering and technical team. For sunflower oil production, our engineers can provide production equipment solutions according to your needs. Welcome to contact us and look forward to our cooperation.