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Soybean oil production equipment

August 19, 2021

Soybeans are commonly known as soybeans, with an oil content of 15.5%-22.7%, which is a common vegetable oil. As one of the commonly used edible oils, soybean oil is in great demand in the market. Therefore, more and more people are interested in soybean oil production, and the demand for soybean oil production equipment is also increasing.


soybean oil


Generally speaking, soybean oil production and customer specific needs will affect the selection of soybean oil production equipment.

If processing 1-10 tons of soybeans per day, the integrated screw press is an economical and cost-effective choice. At the same time, in order to increase the oil output, we will equip a drum wok before pressing to heat the oil to a temperature suitable for pressing. In addition to soybean oil, this production method is also suitable for the production of other edible oils, such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil and so on.


 Integrated screw oil press and wok for small soybean oil plants


If the daily soybean processing capacity is more than 10 tons, a complete soybean oil production line is a more suitable choice. The complete soybean oil production line mainly includes soybean pretreatment equipment, soybean oil extraction equipment and soybean oil refining equipment.

Soybean pretreatment equipment is used to clean up impurities in soybeans. At the same time, the temperature and moisture of soybeans meet the leaching conditions through processing techniques such as crushing, softening, and rolling, so that the leaching efficiency will also be improved.

Due to the relatively low oil content of soybeans (15.5%-22.7%), in order to obtain more oil and achieve considerable economic benefits, soybean leaching methods are generally used to produce soybean oil. The leaching method is mainly to use solvent oil (No. 6 light gasoline) to fully soak the processed soybeans so that the oil in the soybeans is extracted. After leaching, the residual oil ratio in the cake is generally less than 1%. Cakes can also be used to process animal feed.

Soybean oil refining equipment is used to process the leached crude soybean oil. Through the degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization sections, harmful and useless substances in crude oil are removed to improve the storage stability of soybean oil and make the color and smell of the oil meet the standards of edible oil.


Soybean oil production equipment


As far as specific needs are concerned, if processing soybeans is to obtain protein and further process the protein, our engineers can also design the process according to the needs without destroying the protein in the soybeans. As a grease equipment manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. will provide you with equipment design solutions that meet the requirements, as well as perfect after-sales service. You are welcome to consult our grease equipment at any time.