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Rapeseed oil production equipment

August 19, 2021

Rapeseed oil is one of the world's major oils and is widely consumed in China, Canada, the European Community, India and other countries. Rapeseed oil has the effects of softening blood vessels and delaying aging, which is good for human body absorption. The raw material for rapeseed oil production is generally rapeseed, with an oil content of 30%-48%.

There are two main ways to prepare rapeseed oil, one is the pre-expression leaching method, and the other is the pressing method. From the perspective of return on investment, production projects with an output of more than 30 tons/day are suitable for the pre-expression leaching method. If the output is 1-10 tons/day, the cost of oil production by pretreatment and pressing method will be lower. The equipment used in the two production methods is also different.


Rapeseed oil


1. Squeezing method

Rapeseed → Magnetic separation → Screening → De-stone → Rolling embryo → Steaming and frying → Pre-pressing → Squeezing


Before pre-pressing, we need to pre-treat the oil, clean up the impurities in the oil, and adjust the temperature, humidity and moisture of the rapeseed to make it reach the good state before pressing. Rapeseed pretreatment equipment includes magnetic separator, vibrating screen, stone removing machine, embryo rolling machine, steaming pan and other equipment. After pretreatment, we use a pre-press and a press to press twice to produce rapeseed oil. If you want to obtain high-quality rapeseed oil, you need to continue to refine the rapeseed oil. For details, please consult Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.


oil pressing equipment


2. Pre-expression extraction method

The pre-expression extraction method also requires pretreatment and pre-expression of rapeseed, which is the same as the pre-expression method. After pre-pressing, we obtain crude oil and cakes. The oil content in the cake is about 7%, which can be extracted by leaching. Leaching is a process in which the oil in the cake is extracted by using a solvent that is compatible with the oil by using the principle of extraction. Under normal circumstances, the residual oil ratio of the cake after leaching is less than 1%.

Both the rapeseed oil obtained by pre-pressing or the rapeseed oil obtained by leaching contains trace impurities. In order to obtain high-standard edible oil and make the storage time of the edible oil longer, we also need to refine the crude oil.


Extraction equipment


Rapeseed oil refining usually refers to the removal of harmful impurities and odorous substances in crude oil through degumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization to obtain edible oil that meets the standards. There are three common refining equipment: batch refining equipment, semi-continuous refining equipment and full continuous refining equipment. Depending on the output, the budget, and the requirements for refined oil, the choice of refining equipment is naturally different. Zhongxing engineers can equip you with corresponding refining equipment according to output and requirements.

This is a brief introduction to rapeseed oil production methods and equipment. If you need rapeseed oil production equipment, please leave us a message below.