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Peanut oil production equipment

August 19, 2021

Peanuts are mainly produced in Brazil, Egypt, Africa, China and other places. The oil content of peanut kernels has reached about 50%, which is a high oil content oil, and is often used in the production of peanut oil. There are two methods for peanut oil production: pressing method and pre-pressing extraction method.


Peanut oil


1. Squeeze

The squeezing method uses an oil press to squeeze out the oil from the peanuts. The pre-squeezing method uses a pre-press to extract a part of the oil, and then extracts the oil from the peanuts through an organic solvent. The output of peanut oil is 1-20 tons/day, and the oil is usually made by pressing. Two kinds of squeezing method and pre-squeezing leaching method can be used for the production of more than 30 tons/day.

The pressing process includes cleaning, peeling, crushing, rolling, steaming, pre-pressing and pressing.

After peanuts are picked or collected from suppliers, there will be some stones, branches, metals and other impurities. In order to prevent damage to the equipment, a vibrating screen, stone remover and magnetic separator are usually used to remove impurities. Peel the shell after removing impurities to increase the oil yield. Crushing reduces the particle size of peanut kernels and increases the surface area. Embryo rolling and steaming can adjust the moisture and temperature of peanuts to make the peanuts reach a state suitable for squeezing. This series of processes are collectively referred to as peanut pretreatment.

After pre-treatment, use a pre-press and a squeezer to squeeze the treated peanuts twice to reduce the loss of peanut oil and obtain more peanut oil. This is the basic operation process of the squeeze method.




2. Pre-extraction leaching method

The pre-press extraction method also needs to pre-treat peanuts, clean up the impurities in the peanuts, adjust the moisture and temperature of the peanuts, and improve the production efficiency of peanut oil. After pretreatment, the peanuts are pre-pressed with a pre-press machine to obtain crude oil and cakes. The residual oil rate in the cake is about 7%, and the oil in the cake needs to be extracted with leaching equipment. The leaching equipment generally includes four systems: grease leaching system, wet meal desolventizing system, mixed oil processing system and solvent recovery system. After leaching, the residual oil rate in the cake is less than 1%.

The leached crude oil needs to be further purified to obtain high-quality peanut oil. This process is called refining.

Refining is to purify peanut oil through degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization to remove trace impurities, excess water and free fatty acids in the crude oil, so that the quality, taste, color and taste of peanut oil are more in line with the food requirements, and the storage time is longer.

The peanut oil production line corresponds to the appropriate process according to different output and the requirements of the target market. If you are going to start a peanut oil production business, Henan Zhongxing can tailor a plan that suits you according to your raw materials, target market requirements, and budget. If you have a demand for peanut oil production equipment, please leave a message with us, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.