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Cottonseed pretreatment equipment

August 18, 2021

The oil content of cottonseed is 16-20%, and cottonseed oil can be obtained by pressing or solvent extraction. However, before the cottonseed oil is extracted, the cottonseed needs to be processed by a series of pretreatment equipment to reach the appropriate temperature, humidity, etc., and to speed up the oil yield.


Cottonseed pretreatment equipment


At first, some impurities in the cottonseed need to be cleaned out to prevent some harder impurities from causing abrasion on the subsequent machines. Generally, magnetic separators, cleaning screens, stone removal machines, or winnowing equipment are used. As for how these cleaning equipment should be allocated, the engineer will design a suitable plan according to the actual output of the project and the actual conditions of the raw materials.

Secondly, cottonseed needs to be hulled. Usually, the disc sheller is commonly used in the cottonseed pretreatment production line. The main working part of the disc peeling machine is a pair of discs with tooth patterns on the surface. One plate is fixed and the other plate rotates. The material is placed between the two discs. With the relative movement between the two discs, the tooth pattern on the surface of the disc continuously rubs the outer shell of the material, so that the outer shell of cottonseed is peeled off and falls off.

Next, it's the stage of separating cottonseed kernels and shells. The commonly used equipment is round sieving. After the cottonseed is broken by the sheller, it can directly enter the round sieve to separate the shells and kernels; it can also be coarsely divided by the vibrating flat sieve, and then transferred to the round sieve fine sieve to double the processing capacity. .

Then, the clean cottonseed kernel enters the double-roller embryo pressing machine to press the peeled cottonseed into thin slices, so that the steaming and frying pan can better adjust the temperature and humidity of the material to reach the conditions suitable for pressing or leaching.

The above is the pretreatment equipment needed in the cottonseed pretreatment process. After pretreatment, the oil yield of the press can be improved or the efficiency of leaching can be changed. If you want to build a cottonseed oil processing plant, you are welcome to contact us! Henan Zhongxing's engineers and project managers will provide you with corresponding suggestions to help you start production as soon as possible.