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Litchi milk powder processing technology

July 21, 2021

solid lychee beverage

This product is a solid lychee beverage. It should be genuine and not made by adding flavors and pigments. The processing technology is as follows:

1. Raw material processing: ripe or fully mature fresh lychees can be peeled and cored.

2. Color protection treatment: The peeled and cored lychee pulp is color-protected in 0.1% citric acid.

3. Beating: Take the pulp out of the citric acid solution, without washing, use a beater to beat the pulp into a fine paste.

4. Filtering and extracting juice: Use a centrifuge or filter cloth to separate the juice from the residue and extract the juice.

 5. Concentrated fruit juice: Use vacuum concentration or atmospheric concentration to evaporate most of the juice from the juice. The obtained juice concentrate should account for 12-20% of the product, and the solid content should be close to about 60%.

6. ​​Sweetener treatment: The white sugar used is the main raw material for solid beverages. It is dried and ground into powdered sugar. The dosage is 70-75%, the dosage of citric acid is 0.8-1%, and it needs to be mixed with 3-5% skimmed milk powder.

7. Mixing of raw materials: Mix the additives with concentrated fruit juice, and add 5-8% maldextrin, which can reduce the sweetness and accelerate the drying speed.

8. Granulation: Form granules with certain shapes such as round, rectangle, etc. by a swing granulator.

9. Drying: heating and drying with hot air, the drying temperature is 50-70 degrees Celsius, and the water content is controlled to 2% within 1-2 hours. The preservation of the product determines its water content. The lower the water content, the more stable the quality.

10. Packaging: Generally, it is packaged in small bags, each package of 10-20 grams, a small bag sealed and packaged in a room with a relative humidity of 10-20% and a temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius. The product should also be stored under low humidity and low temperature conditions. The product has lychee and milk flavor, sweet and sour, sweet and delicious. It is brewed with boiling water. It is a health-care solid drink like longan solid drink.

solid lychee beverage