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How to process banana powder

July 21, 2021

produces banana powder

According to reports, Taiwan produces banana powder, but it has not yet appeared in the country. I am afraid it is because of the high requirements for technology and equipment and the low yield. The processing technology is as follows:

1. Raw material processing: Fully ripe bananas are needed. Only bananas that reach the maturity level for eating have complete color, flavor, and browning. After peeling the banana peel, it must be treated with color protection.

2. Color protection treatment: Bananas can be sliced ​​immediately and dipped in the antioxidant and bleach solution, or dipped in the above solution for 10-15 minutes without being sliced. The bleaching agent is 0.2% sodium bisulfite, or it can be used In the sulfur fumigation treatment, pure sulfur is burned in a cubic meter volume for 15 minutes. The sulfur needs about 10-15 grams, and the sulfur dioxide concentration is about 1%, which can achieve the purpose of color protection.

3. Drying: drying at 60 degrees Celsius, the drying time is very long at this temperature, and the loss of aromatic substances is too great. Conditional factories, using low-temperature vacuum freeze-drying equipment, put banana slices on a shallow tray, put it into the freezing chamber, freeze at -28 degrees Celsius for 1 hour, and then place it in a low-temperature vacuum dryer at 5-0.1 mm mercury Under the column vacuum, the drying temperature is 10-40 degrees Celsius, and the banana moisture is sublimated to achieve the drying purpose in a short time, and the product moisture content is below 3%.

produces banana powder

4. Crushing: Place it in an environment with a dehumidification device and grind it into powder, then sieve and finely grind it to obtain a purple or light yellow banana powder product.

5. Packaging: Because this product has low water content and is easy to absorb moisture, it needs to be vacuumed or nitrogen-filled and sealed. It needs low temperature and low humidity conditions in storage or circulation.

6. Edible method: directly add sterilized water to make a beverage when eating, or add it to other foods as a health food ingredient.