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The preparation method of germinated soybean powder beverage or food

July 21, 2021

Soybean contains 35%-40% protein and 18% oil, so it has high nutritional value, abundant raw materials and low price. The germinated soybeans are roasted and crushed and used as the basic raw material. Then, the germinated wheat grains, germinated barley, medicinal plants, etc. are baked and crushed, and added to the basic soybean raw materials, which can completely remove the flavour and greasy taste of fried soybeans, and can retain the high protein and high nutritional content of soybeans. A health drink with good digestibility and flavor.

Soybean oil press

The processing procedure of this method is: first soak the soybeans in water for 5-6 hours, keep the appropriate temperature, and place them at room temperature and 25℃ for 2-3 days to make them germinate; when 4~5mm shoots grow, the best is 2 It is baked and crushed into powder when it is ~3mm. This can completely remove the beany taste and greasy taste, and can improve its digestion and absorption. If the germinated soybeans are lightly baked and crushed, they can also be used as raw materials for biscuits, breads and cakes (additional amount is less than 10% of the raw materials). When preparing favorite beverages, strong fire baking is required, such as frying at a temperature of 250 to 300°C for 2 to 3 hours to make the inside appear dark brown to russet, and then appropriately crushed by ordinary methods to make a powder.

In addition, germinated wheat, germinated barley, and medicinal plants are roasted and crushed to make powder. Add 2 to 4 kinds of powders to the germinated soybean powder to prepare a mixed powder. Then the mixed powder is leached with water or hot water, or further concentrated, as a liquid beverage; the leaching liquid can also be dried, powdered, granulated, and solidified, as an instant beverage. These beverages have no flaws in flavor. Different types and proportions of raw materials can be added according to needs to prepare a beverage with a unique flavor of coffee, without the caffeine contained in coffee, with high nutritional value, and beloved by children.

Barley, wheat, rye, etc. can be used as the raw material grains. Using wheat as the raw material, the product has a sweet taste; using rye as the raw material, the product has a refreshing bitter taste, barley or other raw materials can also be used; barley and rye can also be used in combination. Add rye powder to powders such as soybeans, barley, and bobweed to make mixed beverages. This drink has a good flavor, moderate aroma, strong flavor and bitter taste. 

Under suitable temperature and humidity conditions, make the wheat shoots 3~5mm or less (preferably 1~2mm) shoots, after the barley shoots 0.5~1cm shoots, it is roasted and crushed by ordinary methods. Processed into products. In order to improve the leaching efficiency, it is required to pulverize as finely as possible.

 The raw materials of this product can also be used in conjunction with medicinal plants. If you use bubu grass, you can roast and crush the bubu grass seeds, add a small amount to improve the flavor of the drink, and, like barley, it contains diuretic, stomach-invigorating, body-building and other medicinal ingredients. In addition, medicinal plants such as ham tea, wolfberry, acanthopanax, perilla, Korean ginseng, tangerine peel, etc. can also be used. These medicinal plants can be baked and pulverized into powder, or the leaching liquid or the dry powder of the leaching liquid can be used in conjunction with the raw materials of the product to be processed into beverages or foods.

The particle size of the raw material powder after pulverization is usually 100 to 500 μm, with an average of about 250 μm. The mass ratio is: 2 to 5 parts of wheat flour, 2 to 5 parts of barley flour, and 0.5 to 2 parts of medicinal plant powder are added to 10 parts of soybean flour. The best ratio is: soy flour: rye flour; barley flour: medicinal plant flour is 10; 4; 4: 2.

During the processing, various raw materials are usually germinated, baked and crushed by ordinary methods, and then mixed in appropriate proportions to form a powder; or the extract is dried by conventional methods (such as spray drying or freeze drying, etc.) to make powder or granules , Can also be made into fast-dissolving tablets.

These mixed powders, extracts, powders, granules and tablets, etc., can be used to process foods such as coffee flavored toffee, biscuits and cakes in addition to processing favorite beverages. For example, with sugar, milk, honey, cream, lactose, caramel, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, spices, etc., it can be processed into different foods. It is also possible to add minerals such as iron and calcium, nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin D, and nutrients such as amino acids, proteins, and fats to this product as needed. 

The characteristics of this hobby beverage are: (1) It has a coffee flavor but does not contain caffeine; (2) It uses soybean powder as the raw material, but does not have the flavor and greasy taste of fried soybean powder; (3) It uses soybeans as the basic raw material, which is rich in nutrients. Ingredients, good digestibility, after blending with herbs, it has medicinal effects; (4) Compared with past malt beverages, it has good flavor and special aroma; (5) Suitable for adults and children who do not drink coffee; (6) Raw materials Abundant, low price, low production cost.

soybean powder

Example 1

Soak the soybeans in water for 6 hours at room temperature, then place them at room temperature for 60 hours, and continuously sprinkle water to make them shoot out 1mm long sprouts; then, using the method of processing soybean flour, bake at 200-250°C for 30 minutes; Crush and peel, then pulverize into powder (soy flour). This soy flour has no bey flavor and can be used as raw material for biscuits (wheat flour 100, sugar 30, cream 4, shortening 8, caramel 2, salt 0.2, leavening agent 2), and the addition amount is 3%. Then, use ordinary methods to mix, shape, and bake to make biscuits.


Example 2

Soak the soybeans for 1 d, place them at a temperature of 20~23℃ for 3 days, sprinkle 5~6 times of water, when 2mm buds emerge, dry them; bake at 250~300℃ for 3h, pulverize, and make soybean powder . In addition, the rye is soaked at room temperature for 1 to 2 days, and stirred continuously at 20°C to make it germinate; after 3mm long buds have grown, they are baked at 170-180°C for 8 hours, and then crushed to make black Wheat flour. In addition, the barley is soaked for 2 days and placed at a temperature of about 30°C for 4 days; after the sprouts grow 1cm long, they are baked at 170-180°C for 8 hours, and then crushed to make barley flour.

Then take 0.2g soy flour, 0.08g rye flour, and 0.08g barley flour, mix them and put them in a carton to prepare beverage powder.


Example 3

Cassia seeds (seeds) are baked at a temperature of 200-250°C for 1 hour in a common method, and then crushed to make cassia seed powder. Take the soybean powder, rye powder, barley powder and cassia powder obtained in Example 2 and mix them in a mass ratio of 10:4:4:2 to prepare a mixed powder. Then add 50 times of water, boil at room temperature for 24 hours, separate the extract; concentrate to 1/20 at 45-60°C; then, spray dry to obtain dry powder. The powder yield is 20%.


Example 4

To 1 part of the mixed powder obtained according to the method of Example 3, add 40 parts of hot water, heat at a temperature of 80-90°C for 1 hour, and extract the extract; the extract is concentrated to 1/20 to obtain a solid content of 20% Concentrate. Then the concentrate is spray-dried to obtain an instant beverage.

(1) Add hot water to this product, mix sugar and milk powder, and its flavor and taste are basically the same as instant coffee.

(2) Add hot water to this product, add appropriate amount of honey, milk powder, etc. It is very popular as a children's drink.