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Oil puffing process and equipment

September 29, 2021

The oil puffing process is to use the oil puffing equipment to carry out the required functional wet heat treatment of the powdered or rolled sheet oil, that is, through mixing, extrusion (heating and extrusion), gluing, vacuum expansion molding, cutting and cooling , Drying and other processes, make the material form a cooked embryo with a certain structure and shape to facilitate oil production or other uses.

oil puffing equipment

1. The role of oil puffing process:

The oil puffing process can destroy the oil cells and facilitate the subsequent extraction of oil with solvents; change the oil infiltration properties to make it into a porous and strong clinker, which intuitively changes the permeability and leaching rate during leaching; speeds up the bulk density, This speeds up the processing capacity of the leaching equipment; inhibits or inactivates the activity of the enzyme, which is conducive to the stability of oil storage during processing.

2. Oil puffing process:

(1) Soybean→cleaning→crushing→softening→rolling embryo→extrusion→cooling→de-leaching


(2) Cottonseed→Cleaning→Hulling and Separation of Kernel Shells→Cotton Seed Kernels→Softening→Blanking→Extrusion and Puffing→Cooling→De-leaching


(3) Rice bran → cleaning → softening → rolling embryo → extruding and puffing → cooling → de-leaching


oil puffing equipment 

3. The working principle of oil puffing equipment:

Oil pellets are subjected to mechanical effects such as extrusion, kneading and shearing in the oil puffing equipment, as well as a series of physical and chemical effects such as the damp heat effect of sprayed steam, friction heating effect, etc. The cell tissue of the oil is completely destroyed, and the enzymes in the oil The material is reasonably passivated. When discharged from the outlet of the oil puffing equipment, the material instantly transforms from high temperature and high pressure to atmospheric pressure, causing water to quickly evaporate from the structure of the material, and the material is expanded to form a loose and high strength. Of extruded materials.

4. Advantages of oil puffing equipment:

(1) The expanded material has a large volume and an increased porosity. During the oil leaching process, the billet has good permeability, fast leaching rate, and low residual oil in the meal;

(2) The production capacity can be accelerated by 30%, and the dynamic consumption and energy consumption per ton of material can be reduced;

(3) Crude oil is of good quality, less non-hydratable phospholipids, and is more suitable for physical refining, greatly accelerating the refining rate and oil quality;

(4) The finished meal has a good fragrance and strong animal palatability;

(5) Unique rotary hydraulic discharge and precise steam injection design make the puffed materials uniform and thorough. The optimized structure design makes the operation simple and has a long service life.

Based on the above factors, compared with the direct leaching process of the same scale, the oil puffing leaching can reduce the total production cost by 10-20% and increase the added value of the finished product (including by-products). The oil puffing equipment produced by Henan Zhongxing can process 100-1500 tons per day, which is suitable for soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, rice bran and other oilseeds.