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Application of phospholipids

September 30, 2021

cooking oil

1. In terms of food With the progress of the times, the use of phospholipids is constantly expanding. Soybean phospholipids can improve the processing performance of baked goods, can enhance the absorption and retention of moisture, make the dough easy to process, make the product bulky and have a special fragrance, and improve the uniformity of the product. It can not only reduce the amount of shortening, but also maintain Its quality. Soybean phospholipids added to chocolate can be used as lubricants and surface structure modifiers. It can fuse the internal particles of the candy to reduce the viscosity of the mixture. The phospholipid can quickly emulsify the syrup and oil during smelting, and make the surface of the product smooth. Phospholipids are now widely used in the production of ice cream, chewing gum and many other viscous candies. Soybean phospholipids are used in fast foods and beverages. It is a good dissolving and dispersing agent as well as a nutrient.

2. In terms of medicine, soybean phospholipids are one of the sources of choline and inositol. Eating phospholipids can reduce the content of serum cholesterol in the human body. At present, lecithin pills or granules made of soybean phospholipids have been used as health food additives, and phospholipids can be used as the main component of intravenous nutrition. Phospholipids are an important part of life cells, and they also have good nourishing effects and permeability to the skin. Adding phospholipids to various cosmetics can achieve better skin care effects.

3. In terms of feed, the edible use of rape oil phospholipids has yet to be studied, but it has been used in feed. As a feed additive, rapeseed oil phospholipids can increase the energy of freshwater fish and pig feeds, and can also provide sufficient essential fatty acids, increase the content of oil-soluble vitamins, save the consumption of methionine and energy in the body, and promote the digestion and absorption of fat in the feed. Prevent the formation of fatty liver, etc. Adding phospholipids to the feed can shorten the feeding cycle and increase feed returns. The addition of phospholipids to feed for young animals and play animals can improve their digestion and absorption capacity.

4. In cosmetics, phospholipids are used as emulsifiers, dispersants and wetting agents in the cosmetics industry. Phospholipids are one of the important components of biological cells, and they play an important role in cell metabolism and cell membrane permeability regulation. Phospholipids have multiple functions such as anti-oxidation and anti-static. Long-term use of cosmetics containing soybean phospholipids can increase skin luster, eliminate pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, and delay aging.