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What are the sources of heat media for oil refining and deodorization?

September 30, 2021

oil refining

 In the oil refining and deodorization process, the heat medium sources that provide high temperature mainly include high-pressure steam, mineral oil, and electric heating. High-pressure steam Use high-pressure steam as the heat medium, with high heat transfer coefficient, economical, safe and reasonable. Because of its low relative temperature difference with grease, local overheating of grease can be avoided, so it is still an ideal heat medium. The so-called high-pressure steam here only refers to the saturated steam currently used in the oil industry. In fact, the high-pressure steam used for deodorization has a saturated steam pressure of about 6.86kPa, which is a medium pressure in chemical engineering and can be produced by a special small evaporation medium pressure. Boiler provided. High-pressure steam is used as the heat medium, and the pipes and fittings of the heating device of the deodorizer are required to withstand high pressure and high temperature. The production and installation of heat transfer devices require high requirements. If the quality of the pipe fittings and the production and installation technology are unconditionally adapted to high pressure, it is not suitable to use high-pressure steam as heat. Media. Mineral oil The use of mineral oil with good thermal stability as a heat transfer medium is widely used in industry. It is characterized by stable process effect and easy operation. my country produces heat-conducting oil furnaces and heat-conducting oil series products. The fuel of the heat-conducting oil furnace can be coal, oil or gas, or it can be heated by an electric heater. During operation, the heat transfer oil circulating pump is required to withstand high temperatures, pay attention to adjusting the fuel quantity, and strictly control the heat transfer temperature range. It is necessary to check the heat exchange device regularly, strengthen the detection of refined oil, and prevent pipeline leakage. The heat transfer oil heat medium is difficult to reach a turbulent state in the circulation system, and it may be locally overheated and decomposed. In addition, because of the low heat transfer coefficient, the process heat transfer area is large, and the oil is polluted after leakage. Therefore, in recent years, it has been gradually replaced by other hot media. Electric heating Electric heating means direct heat transfer with electric heaters to heat grease. Its characteristics are clean and sanitary, easy to operate, saving time when replacing materials. The electric heater is generally composed of a nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire device fixed by magnesium oxide in a U-shaped stainless steel sleeve, which can be directly placed in the deodorizer or outside the tower Designed as a heating chamber. When using an electric heating device to heat grease, the operation should strictly observe the power of the oil pump before the operation, and then switch on the heater power after the grease is immersed in the electric heater. After the operation is over, first cut off the power supply of the electric heater, and then cut off the power supply of the circulating oil pump to avoid overheating of the grease and damage to the electric heater. The electric heating device consumes a lot of electricity, the operation cost is high, and the maintenance is troublesome. Its application is limited in the energy-stricken areas.