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Oil refining process fire prevention

September 14, 2021

In the oil refining, except that the fire protection requirements for mechanical friction, electrical sparks and heating equipment are the same as the previous procedures, the focus is on the use of fire protection when storing chemicals and reagents.

 Oil refining equipment

1. According to the technical requirements, master the operating temperature, time, stirring speed, and the flow rate and concentration of adding water, acid, and alkali.

2. Do not run overpressure during production.

3. Corrosive materials such as acid and alkali are used in refining, and the conditions of acid and alkali should be strictly followed. For example, acids should be stored in sealed containers to prevent penetration; control the concentration of lye and the speed and temperature of alkali addition.

4. During the decolorization process, potassium dichromate, bleach, hydrogen peroxide and other oxidants should not be mixed or contacted with flammable and combustible organic matter and acids; it should be kept away from open flames and heat sources; the storage room should be cool and ventilated. Dissolve or dilute with water before use.

5. When desolventizing, vacuum water vapor desolventizing is mostly used, and the temperature should be kept at about 140 degrees Celsius, and should not be too high to prevent the mixture of solvent vapor with low flash point and air from flashing in fire.

6. The chemicals and reagents used in oil refining must have a strict storage and storage system, and it is strictly forbidden to mix unknown and unlabeled objects and reagents, or throw them indiscriminately.

7. The machinery used in grease refining should be filled with lubricating oil in time to prevent running without lubricating oil.

8. When the turnover oil drum or oil foot drum used in oil refining has leakage and needs welding repair, the oil in the drum must be cleaned up and transferred to a safe area. 

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