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Plate and frame filter

September 14, 2021

Plate and frame filter is a kind of filter equipment commonly used in edible oil production projects. It consists of filter frame, filter plate and filter cloth. It is mainly used to remove solid suspended impurities in crude oil, and solves the problems of crude oil being difficult to filter and slagging in the edible oil production process.

 Plate and frame filter

1. The operating process of the plate and frame filter:

(1) Fitting together:

Install the filter cloth on the plate and frame filter. The filter cloth should be installed firmly to avoid wrinkles, and the oil outlet on the cloth should be aligned with the oil outlet on the plate and frame equipment to prevent oil emission during the filtering process.

(2) Filter:

Filter the crude oil. The crude oil will pass through the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter under pressure, while leaving the solid suspended impurities on the filter cloth. When the filtrate is turbid, it needs to be re-filtered until the impurities are filtered out before the crude oil can be collected into the net oil.

(3) Unloading slag:

After filtering for a period of time, the impurities in the crude oil will form a filter cake on the filter cloth. As the filter cake becomes thicker, the filter resistance will increase, which will affect the filter operation. Therefore, the slag should be unloaded regularly.

(4) Cleaning the filter cloth:

After unloading the slag, clean it according to the condition of the filter cloth. If the filter cloth has been used for a short period of time and the oil seepage is good, you can continue to use it by removing the filter cake; if the filter cloth has been used for a long time and the oil seepage is obviously slow, then the filter cloth needs to be cleaned. The cleaned filter cloth can be reused after drying.

 Plate and frame filter

2. Features of plate and frame filter

(1) The production process is good, and the equipment quality is guaranteed.

(2) Good filtering effect, less filtrate loss.

(3) The equipment is easy to operate and consumes less energy.

(4) It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the filtration of various crude oils.

In the edible oil production project, the type and model of the plate and frame filter should be selected according to the size of the processing capacity, the types of impurities in the crude oil, and the requirements of the target market for refined oil. Henan Zhongxing's engineers will comprehensively evaluate these factors and select cost-effective plate and frame filters for customers. If you need frame filters and other supporting equipment, you can leave us a message below, and we will reply you within 24 hours.