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Operation method and steps of corn oil extraction equipment

September 18, 2021

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Corn oil squeezing equipment is a professional corn oil squeezing equipment, and in the process of use, it not only has higher work efficiency, but also effectively improves the utilization rate of corn, and has a wider application range in the market. The operation steps of corn oil extraction equipment are as follows:

1. Germ extraction: Germ extraction is one of the key links of corn oil extraction equipment. According to the different resistance of corn germ and endosperm to crushing, the endosperm is crushed by the pressing equipment, and then the corn germ is sieved by the sieving equipment. Generally, 4%-8% of corn embryo can be extracted from corn, and the required embryo has less water content, high purity, no impurities, and no mildew.

2. Impurity removal: clean up thoroughly before squeezing to remove impurities, which can be purified with a vibrating screen to remove impurities such as slag and powder in the germ and improve the purity of the germ. If there are many impurities in the germ, it will not only waste food, but also reduce the oil yield.

3. Drying: The water content of the freshly extracted corn germ is about 13%, which is far from the requirement of human squeezing water. Therefore, proper roasting and drying should be carried out before squeezing to reduce the germ water to below 9% to increase the squeezing effect.

4. Squeezing: When squeezing, the temperature of the cake should be about 100 degrees to facilitate the oil production. The corn germ contains high oil. The double squeezing method can be used, that is, after the first squeezing, the corn germ is crushed and steamed again to make a cake , Squeezing, always pay attention to the oil cleaning line during the squeezing. At present, the 95 type or 200 type screw oil press is usually used, which is equipped with steaming and frying equipment, which can maintain the temperature of the embryo to be pressed, which is beneficial to increase the oil yield. The corn germ oil yield is generally 16%-20%.

5. Refining: The crude oil squeezed out by corn oil extraction equipment can be used as industrial oil after 24 hours of natural precipitation. If used as edible oil, it needs to be refined. The simple refining method is: filter the crude oil and heat the large pot to boiling. Remove surface foam, heat to remove moisture, pour the oil into another pot to cool and settle for 12 hours, the upper layer of clear oil can be eaten.