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Peanut pretreatment equipment

August 18, 2021

When peanut oil is produced, peanuts need to be pre-processed to make it meet the requirements of the peanut oil production process. Usually, peanut pretreatment includes cleaning, peeling, breaking, rolling embryo and steaming part. So what is the role of each part? What equipment do you need? Let's find out together.


Peanut pretreatment equipment


Cleaning: Used to remove impurities such as leaves, sticks, rocks, sand, dirt and metal contaminants contained in peanuts. This process usually uses some cleaning equipment, such as magnetic separators, vibrating screens and stone removers. Cleaning up the part can avoid damaging other peanut oil production equipment.

Shelling: Since the oil content of the peanut shell is less than 1%, the shell needs to be removed before the oil is produced. In addition, shelling can not only speed up the efficiency of oil production, but also reduce the wear and tear of peanut oil production equipment. The commonly used equipment in the shelling section is the shelling machine.

Crushing: The crusher is used in the peanut oil pretreatment process. After crushing, the particle size of peanuts becomes smaller and the surface area that can be contacted increases, so that the speed and output of oil will increase.

Embryo rolling: Embryo rolling is the process of pressing peanuts from granules into thin slices. After the embryo is rolled, the cell tissue of the peanut is destroyed, and the peanut oil is more likely to flow out, which is beneficial to obtain peanut oil and improve the steaming effect.

Steaming and frying: The steaming and frying pan can adjust the temperature and moisture of peanuts to make them reach a good state suitable for pressing/leaching.

Peanut pretreatment is only one step in the production process of peanut oil. Next, Zhongxing’s engineers can design different production processes for you according to your requirements and output, and equip them with corresponding production equipment. You are welcome to consult, and I believe that Zhongxing will bring you satisfactory production plans and equipment.