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Rapeseed pretreatment equipment

August 18, 2021

No matter what method you use to make rapeseed oil, you need to pretreat the rapeseed. The pretreatment process of rapeseed usually includes cleaning, embryo rolling and steaming. Rapeseed pretreatment equipment includes magnetic separator, vibrating screen, specific gravity stone remover, embryo rolling machine and steaming pan. After the pretreatment, the impurities in the rapeseed are removed, and the internal structure of the rapeseed is changed, which is conducive to obtaining rapeseed oil from the rapeseed.


Rapeseed pretreatment equipment


In the process of rapeseed pretreatment, the rapeseed is cleaned first. According to the different characteristics of impurities in rapeseed, we need different cleaning equipment.

Magnetic separators use magnets to remove metal impurities in rapeseeds. Metal impurities can damage the rapeseed oil production equipment and affect the production efficiency of the equipment, so it needs to be removed.

According to the size difference between rapeseed and impurities, we use a vibrating screen to remove impurities. Impurities and rapeseed are separated through the sieve holes on the sieve surface.

The specific gravity stone remover is a device that uses the difference in the specific gravity and suspension speed of rapeseed and impurities to clean up impurities. The impurities removed are similar to the size of rapeseed.

After cleaning, the impurities of the rapeseed are removed, and then the embryo rolling machine is used for rolling the embryo.

Embryo rolling is a process that transforms rapeseeds from grain to flake. After embryo rolling, the cell structure of rapeseed is destroyed, and the surface area of ​​the oil is increased, which increases the oil output and reduces the oil loss.

Next, steam and stir fry. We use a steamer to process rapeseed and adjust the structure, moisture and temperature of the seed to make the rapeseed meet the requirements of rapeseed oil production. Steaming and frying is conducive to improving the quality of rapeseed oil, and the efficiency of the rapeseed oil production process is also improved.

The quality of rapeseed and the production requirements of rapeseed oil are different, and the pretreatment equipment equipped will also have some changes. We can design rapeseed pretreatment equipment program according to your requirements. If you also need other rapeseed oil production equipment, you can contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.