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Pepper oil production process

July 21, 2021

Preparation method :

The production process of pepper oil

1. Cleaning: After the pepper seeds are screened and cleaned to remove the pepper stalks and other impurities, it is advisable to stir-fry them in a household rice pot over a fire until the fragrance is not sticky.

2. Crushing: The fried pepper seeds are crushed with a stone grinder or stone mortar to powder (the smaller the particles, the better).

3. Boiling oil: Put the black powder after being fried and crushed into a boiling water pot, then stir with a spatula or wooden stick (about 2.5 kg of water plus 1 kg of finely cooked pepper seeds). At the same time, continue to heat with a low heat for about 1 hour, and most of the oil contained in it can gradually float on the surface of the pot. Let it stand for about 10 minutes, and you can use a metal spoon to skim most of the floating grease.

4. Oil removal: After skimming most of the above grease, use a metal flat-bottomed water scoop to gently press it for a few minutes to promote the accumulation of oil droplets in the material. A metal spoon can be used to remove the oil.

 Pepper seeds generally produce about 25% oil, and they are home-produced higher-quality edible oils.

5. Removal of residue: The water and oil residue after the oil is taken out from the pot and dried, which can be used as fertilizer or mixed feed.

The production process of pepper oil