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Efficient use of corn flour

July 21, 2021
Corn has the health benefits of brain health, beauty, anti-cancer and anti-cancer to the human body. Corn food has gradually become one of the most popular foods. The following are processing techniques for several common corn products.
1. Corn nutritional noodles (high-protein nutritional noodles).
The raw materials are 300 grams of corn flour, 300 grams of refined white wheat flour, 300 grams of soybean meal (dehulled), 1 spoon of salt, and 1 egg. Mix it with water and knead it into a dough, then roll it into noodles by hand.
2. Buttered cornbread.
In the same bowl, take 1 bowl of corn flour, 2 bowls of boiled fresh milk, add 1 egg, 1 spoon of salt, 1 spoon of sugar, and 2 spoons of bread crumbs. Spread the cornmeal into the boiled milk and stir constantly to avoid lumps. Stir the foam after adding the cream, add the adjusted egg yolk and continue to stir the foam. Add salt, sugar and breadcrumbs to the above mixed ingredients, stir carefully, and finally add the foamed egg white, put it in a small frying pan pre-coated with oil and heated, in a hot oven at 204-218℃ Bake at high temperature for 30 minutes. It can be eaten cold or hot, and when it is warm or hot, the bread is extremely soft and fragrant.
Buttered cornbread
3. Butter corn biscuits.
⑴ Ingredients: 3 bowls of white corn flour, 2 spoons of salt, 1.5 spoons of breadcrumbs, 1/4 bowl of milk, about 1.5 bowls of water, 1/3 bowl of melted cream or other animal oils.
⑵ Combine white corn flour, salt and breadcrumbs together, pour in milk diluted with water, knead the dough, leave it for about 10 minutes, wait for the dough to expand, and add the dissolving butter or other animal oils. After kneading, it is made into thin, right-angled slices, contracting 12 cm in length and width. Put it on a roasting pan coated with animal oil, put it in an oven at 218°C for about 20 minutes, and take it out to warm it up for consumption. This product is crispy, delicious and nutritious.
4. Nutritious corn bean noodle wotou.
Preparation of raw materials: 500 grams of corn flour, 250 grams of soybean noodles, 4 grams of baking soda, and 150 grams of noodle water (boiling water and cold water are half each).
(1) Take about 100 grams of corn flour into a basin, slowly pour boiling water, stir while pouring, turn it into a hot noodle and let cool, then add the remaining corn flour, soybean flour, baking soda and cold water, mix evenly, repeat Knead, knead well and knead it thoroughly to form a smooth and firm dough.
(2) Divide the dough into small pieces (each piece weighs about 50-100 grams), place them one by one on the palm of your left hand, and knead them into a cone shape with a narrow tip on the top and a wide round tower on the bottom. During the process of rubbing, hold it with your left hand and use the thumb of your right hand to make a small hole (about 4 cm in depth) on the bottom edge to form a green nest (you can also put a high-quality jujube on the tip of each billet) , In order to increase the blood nourishing and liver-protecting effect of food).
(3) Put the wotou greens evenly spaced into the cage, put them on a pot with boiling water and air, cover the cage tightly, steam with boiling water for 30-40 minutes, and let it steam for 5 minutes. , Take out and eat.
5. Steamed dumplings with cornmeal.
This product is highly nutritious, delicious and delicious, especially meeting the needs of modern consumer psychology, suitable for both urban and rural markets, and has outstanding characteristics of high added value.
Steamed dumplings with cornmeal
Ingredients: 1,000 grams of cornmeal, 250 grams of leeks, 15 grams of shrimp skins, 200 grams of water-boiled vermicelli, 200 grams of lean pork.
Accessories: 50 grams of lard, 5 grams of sesame oil, noodle sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper powder, flour.
Production points:
(1) Wash the leeks and chop them into fines; rinse the shrimp skins with water to squeeze out the water; chop the water-fed vermicelli; wash the lean pork and chop it into a puree.
(2) Mix all the scraps used, pour hot lard, sesame oil, and mix well and serve.
(3) Put the pot on the high heat, add 659ml of water to boil, sprinkle the cornmeal slowly, then pour it on the chopping board and let it dry for a while, then make it together; use wheat flour as a flour, knead it into thin strips, add 80 pieces Place the ingredients with the mouth upwards, and then sprinkle with a layer of white flour, flatten the ingredients with your hands, roll them into a round cake with a diameter of 10 cm with a rolling pin, wrap the stuffing into a dumpling shape, and steam it on a basket for 30- Serve in 40 minutes.
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