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The role of cod liver oil in adjuvant treatment of diseases

July 21, 2021
1. Principles of Use
(1) When respiratory diseases occur (passage, larynx, mycoplasma, Newcastle disease, influenza, etc.), we all use cod liver oil to assist in the treatment of diseases.
(2) When intestinal diseases occur, when chickens have diarrhea, watery diarrhea, yellow and white stools, and large amounts of intestinal mucosa fall off, use antibiotics and cod liver oil for adjuvant treatment during treatment.
(3) When kidney disease occurs, it should be used together with Tongshen and kidney protection drugs.
(4)  Pre-application of respiratory tract immunity.
cod liver oil
2. Principle
(1) Repair the respiratory tract and intestinal mucosa, protect the integrity of respiratory epithelial cells, prevent virus and bacteria invasion and enhance the goodness of the respiratory tract immune host, and enhance the production of antibodies.
(2) Repair the intestinal injury and the shedding of intestinal mucosa caused by pathogenic and non-pathogenic, and enhance intestinal function.
(3)  When kidney disease occurs, it is also considered to repair the glomerulus and kidney mucosa.
3. The choice of cod liver oil
It is best to use oil or water, and use bio-coated type, so that it can be used with any medicine at the same time.

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