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Principle and characteristics of leaching equipment

September 27, 2021

The leaching equipment can be divided into horizontal rotation leaching equipment, ring type leaching equipment, tank group leaching equipment, etc. The following is an introduction to the principle and characteristics of the leaching equipment by the grease equipment manufacturer Zhongxing.

Principle and characteristics of leaching equipment:

1. Horizontal rotation leaching equipment

The horizontal rotation leaching equipment uses the principle of countercurrent gradient leaching to make the raw materials fully leached. The flat-rotation leaching equipment has a compact structure and is easy to operate and maintain. In order to speed up the leaching effect, the method of increasing the amount of mixed oil spraying is used to reduce the residual oil in the meal. With this spray method, each material grid has two different concentrations The mixed oil is sprayed in. The device can be adjusted according to the leaching effect. If the mixing oil is filtered quickly in the grid and the soaking time is short, the spray volume transferred to the lower grid can be reduced, and the spray volume of the grid can be increased to make the mixed oil and The full contact of the material makes the oil in the material fully dissolve, achieving the effect of low residual oil in the meal after leaching.

 Horizontal rotation leaching equipment

2. Ring type leaching equipment

The ring-type leaching equipment is designed according to the characteristics of oil moisture content on the basis of reference to similar foreign leaching equipment. Ring type leaching equipment has the following characteristics:

① Meal will not bridge, and is suitable for leaching oils with high moisture content.

②Shallow material bed, easy to permeate, the material is turned over during the leaching process and subjected to soaking and spraying. The residual oil in the meal is low, the mixed oil concentration is high, and the soluble content in the meal is low, which is conducive to evaporation and desolventization. It is an energy-saving leaching equipment.

③The ring-shaped leaching equipment adopts fixed inverted v-shaped grid, which has good self-cleaning effect and long service life.

④Stepless variable frequency speed regulation, ring-type leaching equipment is suitable for leaching various kinds of oils.

 Ring type leaching equipment

3. Tank group leaching equipment

The leaching equipment of the tank group is immersed in the leaching tank with different mixed oil concentrations. The tank group leaching equipment has simple technology, simple operation, low investment, quick results, and small footprint. It is an ideal leaching equipment for small oil companies and is especially suitable for leaching small varieties of oils.