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Processing technology of fig fruit powder

July 23, 2021

Processing technology of fig fruit powder

①Production process: raw material selection → raw material processing, squeezing juice → filtration, clarification → concentration → spray drying → cooling → packaging.

fig fruit

②Process points:

Raw material selection: Choose 6-7 ripe and fresh figs or dried figs.


Raw material processing and squeezing juice: Wash the raw materials, add 1 kg of water to 1 kg of fruit, or 1 kg of dried fruit to 5 kg of water, put it in a stainless steel pot, heat it to 85-90°C, keep it at 20-30 Minutes, then stop heating, let stand for 24 hours, squeeze the juice.

Filtration and clarification: filter through a sieve filter, and then perform natural clarification or clarification with enzymes.

Concentration: Atmospheric concentration and vacuum concentration can be used. Atmospheric concentration is concentrated in a stainless steel double-layer boiler, and the heating steam pressure is 2.5 kg/cm². Pay attention to stirring during the concentration process to accelerate the evaporation of water to prevent coking. The concentration will make the solid content reach 28%. It is not advisable to add too much material for each concentration, and the appropriate time is 40 minutes. Concentrate in vacuo and concentrate under reduced pressure and lower temperature. Heating, steam pressure 1.5 kg/cm², temperature 50°C.

Spray drying: use high-pressure spray equipment to spray dry the concentrated fig juice, the feed temperature is 50-60℃, the working pressure of the high-pressure pump is 180 kg/cm2, the amount of drying aid dextrin powder is 0.5%, the inlet temperature is 120 ℃, the air outlet temperature is 75-78℃.

fig fruit powder

Cooling and packaging: The dried fig powder is quickly cooled, and then packaged and sealed.