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Processing of glutinous rice and sesame potato chips

July 23, 2021

The processing of glutinous rice and sesame potato chips

 glutinous rice and sesame potato chips, rich in nutrition, sweet and crispy, unique flavor, can be fried or deep-fried, especially for children. If you add the right amount of salt and chili powder during processing, it is still a good product to go with wine. Our local farmers must do it every Chinese New Year to entertain relatives and friends, and package and sell them to increase family income. Because its processing technology is simple and does not require much investment, the processing equipment is just a pot, shovel, knife and gauze (6 pieces) for making tofu; the raw materials are all agricultural products, so the economic benefits are considerable.

glutinous ricesesame

The production method is now introduced as follows:

1. Ingredients: 10 kg of peeled sweet potatoes, 2 kg of glutinous rice flour, and 0.1 kg of sesame.

2. Process flow: material selection → boil potatoes → add flour to make paste → scrape pieces → air-dry → take pieces → cut pieces → dry → fry.

Three, operation points:

 1. Material selection. Purple yellow potatoes or hybrid potatoes with red skin and white meat with less starch content are better, and saccharification is the best after a period of time. Choose sweet potatoes without spots, mildew, and damage to clean the sediment and peel off the skin.

2. Boil potatoes. Put the peeled sweet potatoes into the pot, add water to the degree that the sweet potatoes are completely submerged, cover the pot and cook the potatoes. The firepower is gradually increased until it is fully cooked and has a sweet smell.

3. Add sugar to make the paste. While it is hot, use a spatula to mash the cooked sweet potatoes into mashed potatoes, and then evenly sprinkle the glutinous rice flour into the mashed potatoes. This process should be carried out by two persons, one person holding a spatula to make the paste, and the other person dusting the flour. The duster should wait until the first handful of powder is completely mixed into the mashed potato, and then sprinkle the second handful of powder. At this time, you should taste it to see if there is a scent of raw rice noodles. If there is, it must be heated and battered for a period of time. After the rice noodles are fully cooked, start the pan. Note that from the beginning of the mashed potato to the time when the rice noodles are cooked, the mixer cannot stop halfway. After the flour is cooked, add sesame seeds and mix thoroughly. At this time, keep the fire low. If it is for wine, add it at this time. Add the right amount of salt and chili powder, mix thoroughly, and then scrape the pan.

 4. Scraper. During operation, they stand opposite each other on both sides of the table, spread the gauze or film flat on the tabletop, straighten the cloth with the left hand, and use the kitchen knife or spatula with the right hand to quickly pick up the potato flour paste in the pot, and wipe it evenly on the cloth or film. The thickness is about 0.2~0.3 cm. Straighten the cloth or film while wiping, and do not wrinkle the cloth or film. After wiping a piece, lift it to the clothes pole to dry it. Spread the second piece again until the paste in the pot is wiped out.

5. Airing. When drying, the two of them lifted and straightened the cloth with their hands, and carefully put it on the rod for drying clothes to dry, and do not curl the cloth to prevent adhesion.

 6. Take the film. After drying until the hand can become a block without breaking, the film can be taken out. If you use a film scraper, wait for the edge of the potato chips to automatically roll up and then take the chips. If you use a cloth scraper, if it is not easy to take after drying, you can wet the back of the cloth with warm water, and the potato chips can be removed after a while. The removed potato chips can be cut into the air for a while.

7. Cut the film. Use scissors to cut a whole piece of potato chips into 4 cm or 3 cm wide strips, and then cut them into triangles, parallelograms, or rhombuses.

8. Sun dried. Put the small pieces of potato chips cut into various shapes in the sun again until they break when they are broken by hand. Then put it in a plastic bag, seal it, and store it for later use.

9. Frying. Fry with clean sand until the potato chips are golden brown, or deep-fry until golden brown.

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