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Processing technology of glutinous rice paper

July 29, 2021

Waxy rice paper was mostly produced with refined starch in the past. This method uses potato starch to produce glutinous rice paper, which not only saves the most food, but also provides a broad source of raw materials for glutinous rice paper urgently needed by the food industry. Every ton of glutinous rice paper produced consumes about 15 tons of potato starch. The main equipment for producing glutinous rice paper is a gelatinizer and a frying film machine. The main process is as follows:


Glutinous rice paper


1. Starch emulsification

After the potato starch is passed through a 100-mesh sieve, it is placed in a container and soaked in wet water at 50-55°C to make it emulsified. The amount of water is 2.5-3 times that of starch, and the concentration after emulsification is 15-17 Baume.

2. Sieving

The potato starch emulsion after emulsification should be constantly stirred. Disperse all the starch in the water evenly, then pass it through a 100-mesh sieve, and use a syringe pump to beat it into the gelatinization pot.

3. Preparation of phospholipid emulsion

First, prepare a 1%-2% caustic soda solution, and heat it to 85-100℃, add phospholipids (the amount of caustic soda is 0.8%-1.8% of the phospholipids) while stirring to dissolve all the phospholipids in the alkali solution, and then let It is naturally cooled to 30-40°C and passed through a 100-mesh sieve to prepare a phospholipid emulsion with a concentration of 1%-2%. The pH value of the prepared phospholipid emulsion is 8-9, which is weakly alkaline.


potato starch


4. Mix up

After sending the starch emulsion to the gelatinization pot, when it is heated to 50°C, add an appropriate amount of hot phospholipid emulsion (preheated to 84-90°C) while stirring, and keep it at 90°C for 12 hours to prepare a starch paste. . The stirring speed should be 40 revolutions per minute, and the concentration should be controlled between 7% and 8%.

5. Fried film

The starch paste flows on the rotating copper belt of the film-frying machine through the feeder, and scrapes out a paste film with a thickness of 2-3 silks. After drying, it becomes glutinous rice paper. It should be noted that the steam pressure of fried membrane sails is controlled at 0.15-0.25 gauge pressure. If the pressure is too high, it will cause many pores in the paste film, and if the pressure is too low, the paste film will not dry. Since the glutinous rice paper requires a moisture content of not less than 30%, steam is sprayed into the film frying machine to adjust the humidity, which can prevent the paste film from becoming brittle after drying. In order to increase the strength of glutinous rice paper, 2% alginic acid can be added before starch gelatinization to increase its strength by about 10%.


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