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Walnut milk processing technology

July 30, 2021

 Walnut has the functions of invigorating the brain, nourishing the qi, nourishing the blood, clearing accumulation and detoxification, and clearing the meridians. It is a good food for strengthening the body and strengthening the brain. Walnut milk is a vegetable protein beverage made from walnut kernels through deep processing. After the products are put on the market, they are well received by consumers. The development of walnut milk can obtain good economic and social benefits. Now the walnut milk processing technology is introduced as follows:




1. Main equipment for walnut milk processing

Separate refiner, colloid mill, homogenizer, deaerator, filling machine, sterilization kettle, batching tank, centrifugal pump and boiler, etc., used for refining, degassing, homogenizing and filling during walnut milk processing Processes such as sterilization and sterilization are required.

2. Processing process

Raw material screening → cleaning → peeling → refining → ingredients → fine grinding → degassing → homogenization → filling, sealing → sterilization, cooling → labeling and packaging → finished products.


Walnut milk


3. Operational technical points

(1) When selecting raw materials, fresh walnut kernels with full flesh, no damage, no insects, no mold or deterioration should be selected, and impurities such as broken shells and diaphragms should be removed.

(2) Washing and soaking Rinse the selected walnut kernels with clear water to remove soil, dirt and impurities, and then soak them with clear water to make the kernels fully absorb water and expand.

(3) Peel the walnut kernels in a certain concentration of lye for an appropriate period of time, and then repeatedly rinse with water to remove the skin layer.

(4) Refining: Add proper amount of softened water to the peeled walnut kernels, refining with a separate refiner, the separated slag, then add water for secondary refining, and mix the two slurries Evenly. The separation screen is 100 mesh.

(5) Ingredients: Add granulated sugar and stabilizer in a certain proportion of the ground walnut slurry into the ingredient tank, and stir evenly. Stabilizers can be monoglycerides, fatty acid sucrose esters, BE-1 and xanthan gum and other complex agents, which can prevent the layering and precipitation of the emulsion.




(6) The prepared slurry for degassing is pumped into the vacuum degasser through the filter pump, and degassed under the condition of a vacuum of 0.8 MPa.

(7) The slurry after homogenization and degassing is homogenized by a high-pressure homogenizer. The homogenization pressure is 30-40 MPa.

(8) The degassed and homogeneous emulsion is filled and sealed by an automatic filling machine and vacuum sealed. The vacuum degree should be kept above 0.025 MPa when sealing. Filling containers should be cleaned and disinfected in advance.

(9) High pressure sterilization method should be adopted for sterilization and cooling of walnut milk. The sterilization temperature is 121°C, and the sterilization time is 15 minutes. After sterilization, it is quickly cooled to below 40°C, and then labeled, packaged and stored.


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